It's now approaching summer here in the northern hemisphere and what would be more appropriate in summer other than having a dip or two in pool, sea or lake when you've found a lovely gingham vintage bikini on Ebay that also coincidentally in your size?

There are actually a lot of reasons for me not buying it but at the same time how often do you come across something that is so lovely, in a good condition and most importantly comes in your size? Not that often, right? But come to think about it, if I were to buy it (accidentally,of course) these lovely pieces won't see that much sun and get parade past the room, let alone feel the warmth breeze at the seaside, which I think the major reason why I shouldn't buy it at all. Well, if anyone genuinely interested, the auction can be seen here

Incidentally, speaking of Ebay, I accidentally bought this vintage Morgan cardigan on Ebay the other day. And by accidentally I meant that I didn't even planned to buy it, it's just that sometimes my fingers got itchy that I unconsciously bid on items that I'm supposed not to buy or items that I don't even need but bought it anyway. cough *denial* cough

Other than the mentioned bikini, I currently eyeing on these:

I know that Ebay can be frustrating sometimes like what Sally Jane Vintage mentioned here but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I've been meaning to buy these leggings from American Apparel but seriously I don't think spending 42€ solely on a legging is such a wise idea, when I know I can buy it somewhere in Sg. Wang for a small fraction of it. I mean, 42€ is a lot of money, no? when you think about all the poor and starving people in the world while I'm wasting 42€ on a leg freaking gings, it seems so wrong!

(Now I wonder why am I suddenly sound like Mother Theresa)

And by the way, tomorrow's my boyfriend's birthday and he'll be coming here to visit me. I want to celebrate his birthday by doing something special but it's just that I had not a single idea of what to do! I was meaning to bake him a cake or something but it's just that my current apartment doesn't have any baking oven. Oh well, perhaps we'll stroll down the park, somewhere or the least we can do is go and watch a movie at the theatre or something.

Does anyone has any other idea? Anyone?

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