Looks From Hel(l)

Hel-Looks has been one of my many sources of fashion inspiration. It is without a doubt that our fellow Scandinavian have a quirky yet amazing sense of style. But being a scarf wearer it is sometimes frustrating for not be able to pull off a certain look. But I never allow it to let my (fashion) spirit down, in fact I embrace it. I want to show to others that wearing hijab doesn't mean that you have to dress like a blob. So, imagine my delight when I discovered her (and outfit) on Hel-Looks wearing something that is so decent and conviniently also my kinda style.

In which inspired me for my Monday outfit to work.

Here are some inspirational styles from Hel-Looks

The navy jacket is to die for! as well as the dress

Love both skirts

Her kinda style maybe not fit my cup of taste but it's something nice to see a hijab girl dressed up.

I, finally found my idea of the perfect gladiator heels at H & M the other day. It has the right amount of "gladiator-ness", of the perfect height and price, and happened to be the only one left in my size (or probably in the whole store) . I'm not sure whether it's purely coincidence or fate, but I won't dare to let them be snatched from others, so I gladly bought it.

**Since I'm updating from work, pictures will be uploaded as soon as I return from work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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