Remember about the flea market in Frankfurt that I mentioned ages ago? And also remember how I promised that I'm gonna post the pictures as soon as I get them from my boyfriend? It's been long overdue I know, but the internet at home is kinda sucks at the moment that only yesterday did it behave properly and finally my boyfriend had the chance to send them to me via messenger.

Jeans jacket: Meltin Pot
Top: Zara
Skinny pants: no name
Sling Bag: Coach, thrifted (flea market)
Necklace: thrifted (flea market)
Sunglasses: Burberry


little parisienne said...

hi! Flohmarkt in Frankfurt sounds great!
Where do you come from (if I may ask)?
to your question: I took the photo by myself!

Moose said...

Hi there, I'm sorry that I didn't notice your comment before. Well I originally come from Malaysia but currently studying in Germany.