Hey You, Hey You, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

My boyfriend is not exactly your typical boyfriend, meaning he is romance-intolerant, which I found rather disturbing at the beginning of our relationship. But it's true what they said, it takes time to really know a person because after 6 years of knowing him, he's romantic too but not in a traditional kinda way. He seldom showered me with (expensive) gifts, let alone flowers because to him, that is so cliché, which I sometimes agreed, although he knows how much I like flowers. The only time I would be receiving gift from him was during my birthday and for this year, I received something that most people didn't expect..an internal harddisk! Exactly! how un-romantic is that?

Schatz, not that I'm complaining.. :) I really need that anyway..

Now that you know a little bit about him, imagine my surprise when he gave me some money as a farewell gift?Well, actually he did asked me beforehand what I wanted, to which I replied he might need to rephrase that again, as truth to be told I don't think he can handle my getting-longer wishlist at the moment. Which explains why he gave the money instead.

So, now I'm thinking hard about what to do with it? And please bear in mind that it's not enough for me to run to the nearest Louis Vuitton store. I might as well use it to pay my heating bill, boleh?


Betty A. said...

ur bf kinda same with mine....not romantic in traditional way...in fact, he didi give me money to buy my anniversary gift...hoho

Moose said...

Firstly, welcome to my humble blog. cewah. Secondly it's nice that you guys celebrate anniversary, we don't even have any date to remember as our anniversary, like he put it, we don't need any date to remember our love..
*ayat tak bleh blah*