A Serie Of Unfortunate Event

I thought I forgot to bring along my USB stick to work today, resulting in me rushing back home merely after I arrived at work. And as I fearly thought, I lost it, the USB stick that contained my WHOLE life in it. My project report of 40++ pages and 5 months of work, gone. My Studienarbeit, Hausarbeit gone gone gone. The most interesting part is that, I don't do back up!


Have a nice Thursday all..


Yay! I found it, the USB Stick. Guess where? In a bath tub, boleh? It must've slipped from my handbag. Thank God!


" NoBoDy " said...

OMG..ur seriously doomed..are u?

Moose said...

No I'm not doomed, not yet..dah jumpe balik

reena said...

Thank God dah jumpa balik.Phewww!

Btw, selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin :)