For H, My BF (boy/best friend)

Dearest H,

Thank you so much for the kind and generous treatment during my short vacation to Malacca. Your kindness touches my heart (and my bank account, hiks) deeply. Although I had thanked you profusely the other day, I still think that they're not enough and you my dearest deserve A special entry which solely dedicate to you and your kindness in my humble blog (although I know that you didn't read it or even had the slightest idea of the existence of this blog).

(lihat article A disitu, tak cukup huruf besar, siap bold kan lagi. Keji tau. Maknanya satu sajorkkk. Merasalah nak lebih-lebih) --> motif tulis bahasa fonen?

So my dear Sayang,

No words can describe how much grateful I am to just have you. (And of course, you to have me. Hiks. Sempat lagi tu)

I truly accept you the way you are, bald or no bald. Buncit or not. (Matilah kalau dia baca)

I do hope and pray with all my heart that neither amount of hair loss nor weight gain (dan jugak minachi kilang itu. Haha) can shatter us.

My H

Amin and THANK YOU.

p/s (petaling street): Oh gelinya tekak & ketiak masa tulis entri ini. Sekali-skala puji boyfriend sendiri, tak salah lah kan?


reena said...

Ala..Sweet lah!

d i y a n a said...

oit..tak salah..itu tandanya kaseh dan sayang..hihihihihi..

**semoga ke jinjang pelamin**

Moose said...

reena: sweet ke? haha, thanks!

diyana: ok, tanda kasih syg. haha. Amin. (tapi klo tnk ade pelamin, cmne? haha)