Reading Access

My boyfriend, H wants to read my blog.

It all began innocently when I told him that I wrote an entry especially dedicated for him and his kindness today. And now he insists on reading (that particular entry and of course) my blog. If it's not for me and my big mouth (which apparently doesn't know how/when to shut up) he wouldn't even know the existence of this blog, let alone wants to read it. Now, I have to be extra careful (grammatically, among other things) on what to write and such, for I'm afraid to be seen like a fool especially not by him, whom I had given the award of 'Most Likely To Correct My Grammar' at Facebook.

To H, I (partially) welcome you to my humble blog. Enjoy! (And I hope that I didn't make that much grammar mistakes-Haha)


*wave boyfriend wave*


Icon of the day: (-_-) --> icon sedih sebab boyfriend nak baca blog.

p/s (petaling street): I received a SATC The Movie (original, uncut, unsensored) DVD today! Yay!


reena said...

Habis la u..Haha!

d i y a n a said...

hahahhaa...welcome to my club..my hasben oso always read and check and re-check my blog everyday.....hahahahaha..
same reason..becoz of my BIG MOUTH..

psst: good luck!

H said...

Hi...guess who's here...i'm "H".
Hahaa, i guess ur writing has improved much with my help 'uhuk uhuk... i'm quite impressed with ur blog, fun and interesting to read.................. everything nice about me. hikhikhik. Luv u dear.

Moose said...

reena: Haha, tula padan muka. sapa suruh bgtau die.

diyana: yes, we and our big mouth. tapi klo husband cm takpe kot. sbb tkyah nk secret2 since both of u are husband & wife, tak ke?

H: Haha. Herzlich Willkommen. Eh eh take credit nampak? Impressive huh? Danke schön. Skrg ni mmg la everything nice la kan, try la buat bende tk elok nak tgk i'll turn into the blogger from hell baru tau.

" NoBoDy " said...

/puke... <<< owh utk haikal..bukan utk mus..