Lamé Leggings

Does anyone knows where I can buy lame leggings like this? I've been searching for these leggings high and low since early last year but to no vail.

This one is from American Apparel and cost a whopping 42€, an amount that I'll never ever pay for a mere legging.

I'd be thankful if someone can tell me where to get this coveted shiny leggings at a fraction of price than those from American Apparel, be it from local stores or sales blogs.

I also lately been itching to go shopping and thrifting again. I often enjoy thrifting mainly because you'll never gonna know what you'll find among those clothes. It's like treasure hunting and speaking of treasure, during my last thrifting session with my sister, I found a vintage Chloé skirt and a Giorgio Armani pants! Now I regret for not buying both of them. Lets just hope that both of them are still safe (among other clothes) until my next trip.

p/s (petaling street): I have a penchant for old clothes way before all these vintage clothing hype. I used to rummage through old closets at my grandparents house in Kuching, just to find old clothes like kebaya or baju kurung that is still in mint condition enough to wear. In fact I still wear an embroidered sheer old baju kurung kedah that belongs to my aunt that I found 4 years ago till this very day.

pp/s (petaling petaling street): Sayang, ich vermisse dich sehr!! Komm mal her!!


reena said...

Rasanya tadi nampak legging camni kat Forever21 Pavilion.

Moose said...

oh ye ke?takpe2 i bought it already at some online shop.