I'm a registered member of a private online shopping website called vente-privee.com. Basically to be a member, you gotta have someone who is already a member invites you. Then you'll received the confirmation and yadda yadda, you know the drills right? So, what is so freaking special about this so-called private online shopping websites? Well, they have massive reduction on all brands (that join the campaign) as low as 30% up to 70%! Who wouldn't love that? Certain campaign only lasts for 3 days but some are even up to 7 days. So far brands that had joined the campaign are brands such as Triumph, WMF (I bought a pot set which only costs me 169€ instead of 369€! and a kitchen knife for only 28€ (UP: 60€)), Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, Longchamp (gasp!), Escada, Tommy Hilfiger etc. just to name a few.

This week Diane von Furstenberg finally join the campaign!

My heart literally stop when I saw this blouse that is so vibrant in colour, so DvF with its signature wrap style and it costs only 99€ (UP: 315€)!

And also this classic dress, which costs only 165€ (UP: 430€)

Arrggghh, if only I still have credit card! Silalah nangis!

p/s (petaling street): Sadly vente-privee.com doesn't ship to Malaysia but I still have my juniors in Sigmaringen (ngeh ngeh), the only sad thing for me is I don't own credit card anymore!


reena said...

Feeewwwiiittt laaa baju kuning tuuu!

d i y a n a said...

invite me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

*begging you for 100000 times*

in addition: i have credit card.

*muka selamba*

Moose said...

reena: cantik kan?

diyana: nak invite tu blh tp they don't ship to Malaysia. Lgpn the website is in German. Ade credit card pn tk guna..haha *gelak jahat*

H said...

plz visit www.flickr.com/hical83

Moose said...

H: promote nampak sayang..

d i y a n a said...


*sakit hati sambil tgk credit card*


(lenkali habaq awai2 takla aku berangan sampai bermimpi)


Moose said...

diyana: eh bukan aku dh tulis ke kt situ that they don't ship to Malaysia? Hehe. In German tu tk habaq la plak.

reena said...

Diyana: Pi belajaq bahasa German DAN dok German.Huahahah.