Moose Is Getting Loose

I was organizing some pictures stored in my external hard disk, the one given to me by H on my 25th birthday, when I stumbled upon these pictures,

Photo shoot for Salam Perantauan (Utusan)
Fall 2005

View from my balcony on one snowy day in Winter 2006 (or 2005?)

These are (some of) the pictures taken in Sigmaringen, the place I used to study and spend my adult life. I used to hate this place so much especially when I got homesick and also because of the über cold weather we experienced since Sigmaringen is about 400m above sea level. It was and still is a bit kampung (or small town) which doesn't have much to offer except good education and cheap rent!

I, now obviously suffer from post-leaving Germany syndrome. For I kept thinking about what my future will be or looks like if I decided to not go back to Malaysia and work there instead. Maybe I'll still shop at H&M and sort my trash into 5 different garbage bin. Take buses, trains and trams to work instead of driving around. Or say Scheiße at every coming opportunity (oh well, I did that here too). Maybe I'll still eat Dürüm and Yufka Kebab whenever I'm lazy to cook my own meal. Or buying Haägen-Dazs ice-cream at only 5 Euro per pint. (They cost a bomb here!)

But life isn't always getting what you want. Sometimes life is appreciating things you used to have. And for me, my life now is all about spending time with the ones I love the most. (Although the ONE that I love the most is currently far away from me, I'd get to hear his voice every night right before I/he go(es) to bed!)

p/s (petaling street): Why oh why suddenly I feel so moody? and so mushy?


reena said...

"But life isn't always getting what you want"

I like that :)

Post-leaving Germany syndrome? Haha.Tapi u untung.Merasa jugak duduk oversea.

I ada pakcik duduk kat Germany dah berpuluh-puluh tahun.Dah tak reti cakap melayu dah pun.Macam mat saleh cakap melayu.

Moose said...

reena: Thank you. mmg betul pn kn? in reality we don't always get what we want, kan? As much as I love to complaint, I'm actually blessed and grateful to be able to study oversea (eventhough result pn tk bagus sgt sbenarnya, maybe rezeki kot) Your pakcik tinggal mana? Kot-kot la klo kenal ke, tp so far Malaysian that I know sume still fasih ckp melayu. Gile respek!