Just when I finally confirmed my acceptance at The Company, I received a call from another company, inviting me for an interview a minute ago! This had happened to me before, when I got another offer for my Diplomarbeit or final year thesis just after I had confirmed my place at the company where I did my Diplomarbeit in Frankfurt.

This confirms Carrie's (Bradshaw) theory - and me, a girl needs a date just to get another date! In my case, I just need to have an interview/job offer to get another!

Funny eh?


p/s (petaling street): Ya sayang, saya memang berbakat untuk join this kind of field. Juga mungkin the most-sought after candidate for that kind of job. (Matilah perasan)

Trivia: Berapa banyakkah penggunaan perkataan "confirm" di atas?

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