I have two announcements to make today,


I have a blogshop(!) selling vintage goodies; shoes, bags, clothes you name, I've got it all. The blogshop is a platform for me to share my enthusiasm in vintage stuffs. Prices are reasonable and affordable as some goodies are from my personal collection from overseas. Some costs only fraction of what I paid. The blog will be updated from time to time,so kindly pay a visit.



Ehem, I'll turned a year older (and hopefully wiser) in 4 days!

Note to boyfriend: Dah tau nak bagi apa? Tanak bagi kebaya RM500 pun takpe, I'll settle for the same worth trip to Jakarta or Bali, perhaps?

Ok, that's all folks.

p/s (petaling street): Entri yang macam bagus.


reena said...

Babe, birthday u 11 May ke? I 15 May.Beza a few days je rupanya.Hehe.Btw, how's work?

Moose said...

reena: Yup.Kita beza 4 hari je. Hiks!