X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Dan Entry Yang Tiada Point)

I'm strong, I'm sexy, I'm something that you cannot be! *Hinsssh*

Silalah menonton filem X-Men Origins: Wolverine di pawagam yang berdekatan dengan rumah atau pejabat anda (bagi sesiapa yang malas membuat kerja di pejabat, boleh tonton semasa bekerja) dengan segera kerana:

  1. banyak pelakon-pelakon lelaki yang kacak dan berbadan sasa seperti Taylor Kitsch (pernah berlakon dalam cerita The Covenant-salah seorang dari 4 teenagers yang handsome lagi mantap! *drools*), Daniel Henney (Korean-American, sangat hot!) dan juga mamat yang berlakon as young Cyclops (inside joke: Cycop-haha!)
  2. errkk..did I already mention about the handsome actors?
As you all know, I'm so not going to talk about the story line, the actions or the movie itself. Go figure la kan, since I'm so lazy to write a review here, I'll just let the master or someone that actually being paid to do all the (movie) reviews do their job. Well,that is unless someone wants to pay me la, which I know never going to happen, not in a million or gazillion year. Tapi kan, overall I think that this X-Men prequel was ok except for that it was filled with petty things like why he's such a sucker for redhead with psychic mind-controlling ability, why he always wear leather jacket and things like that. Throughout the movie I was squealing with glee at every glimpse of Daniel Henney (why la he had to die so early in the movie?) and Gambit (played by Taylor Kitsch. Ok Taylor Kitsch agak kurang handsome, lagi handsome Steven Straits). I knew that you're rolling your eyes right now but please bear with me ye sayang. And you even know kan, that I do not choose you as my boyfriend based on your looks.


p/s (petaling street): Ever wonder why, that despite all the sharp razor-like adamantium claws he has, Wolverine never bothers to shave?


reena said...

Dia kan wolverine.Kena la ada bulu.Tak ke pelik kalau wolverine togel.Hehe.

Moose said...

reena: Hmm, ok logik gak. Tapi it kinda bothers me la, with all the facial hair sume tu, rimas tengok! Haha!