It’s Getting Hot Loud In Here

My boyfriend often complaints that, I speak loud and sometimes too loud for his liking. It is not like I intended to. It is just the way I'm being raised. Spend a day in my house and you'll understand what I meant. Being born in a family whose mother is a school teacher and a retired army officer dad who occasionally trained UiTM's marching troops, I was trained since I was small to speak in a clear voice and anything that below 40 dB aren't just acceptable in my household.

Passerby will think that we constantly had fights at home especially when daddy dearest is involved in the conversation and no, I kid you not. Yes, we do sometimes practically shout at each other. And that's just the way we are. When speaking to a boyfriend, whose household is soft-spoken and the total opposite of us, I tend to lower or toned down my (full) ability. I don't want to scare the hell out of him and got him thinking that I suffered from prolonged severe PMS. (Yes, I get annoyed and bitchy easily during "that" time of the month. So, if you're reading any entry containing any foul language or in an annoying kinda way, that's not me writing that's my alter-ego. Heh, berapa banyak alter-ego daa?)

As far as I can remember, H only meets my dad twice. In both encounters he had assumed that a) my dad doesn't like him and b) my dad still doesn't like him. All because of how (and the volume) my dad had talked to him. And I had to reassure him that a) my dad doesn't not like him and b) my dad still doesn't not like him.

Oh, poor baby.



reena said...

Sama la.I kalau bukak mulut suara mesti over.

Moose said...

reena: Tula! Tapi in my case, it only valid untuk orang yang i kenal, macam kawan2 rapat je. Dengan orang baru kenal cam biase2 lg,wait till dah mesra then you'll hear my full ability.