Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

In Sex And The City the series, Carrie quoted that women always said that everything that happens, happened for a reason. And these women are women that struggling through break-ups. As a muslim, I too believe that everything happened for a reason. But if the same thing keep on happening over and over again, what's the reason? Is being foolish and blinded by love the reason? Is being very fickled about one's own feeling the reason? Was I not good enough? Could we undone what we just did, just for the sake of making it all better? I can shoot thousands of question but I still don't know the answer.

Love, heart, feelings and jodoh are still a mystery to human kind, well at least it is to me. I have to bear in mind that sometimes we could only try and hope that things would fall our way but if it doesn't, don't forget to just pray, for He will forever listen to you.

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