Lately I've been melancholic. So melancholic that even the simplest thing would make me crying my eyeballs out. Some things happened that made me wonder if he worth all the efforts and troubles. That after all these years and things that we've been through, this time around we can still make it through? Late at night I often wonder whether we're destined to be together. And if so, what's with all the troubles? What's with the obstacles? Was that a sign that we're not destined to be together? Or was that something that will make us stronger?

And no, the problem is not H. He's been nothing but a dear to me. It's something else that bothers me the most, or should I say someone. Someone, whose decision will make or break us. Someone who knows nothing about me yet judges me the most. Someone, who I eventually had to face.

Forgive me for writing a sad entry. I tried not to but somehow expressing all the feelings that bubbled inside me gives me comfort. And for now, that's all that I need.


reena said...

I pun tertanya2 gak the same question..

Moose said...

reena, then we're in the same boat. :) truth to be told, i no longer care. i'm tired, body and soul. my head often fills with question that i had no answers whatsoever.