I Like To Move It..Move It

H is here, in my hometown. He just arrived at 6 am today while I was snoozing. He's here to help me moved out of my parents home. And no, I'm not kick out from the house. I'll be moving out to Subang tomorrow and as I'm writing this crap while waiting my turn to hit the shower, I still haven't pack yet. Not fully pack. I'm still contemplating on stuffs or more likely clothes to bring. I used to wonder where the hell had my money gone everytime I looked at my bank statement and now I do know. Also with my skills of constantly packed and unpacked at every possible holidays, I think I'll managed to get all my stuffs ready before 10 am tomorrow. Yikes!

When you've been away from home so long and already live on your own for almost 5 years, 6 months is the longest time I've stayed at home since SPM. I have to admit that I feels weird not having your own bedroom (ok, I have that but I choose not to sleep in mine. Hehe) your own kitchen and bathroom anymore! During my study years abroad, I lived in a single room apartment, meaning I have my own bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, all to myself! And the rent is so unbelievably cheap, which is of course contributes to the fact that Sigmaringen is a kampung.

Oh have to meet up with H in 15 minutes. Shit and I haven't shower yet!

p/s (petaling street): I am taking him to visit Padang Besar, eat durian Siam and mangga! Maybe buy some cadar toto and mangkuk tingkat as well. Haha!

Mai la Perglih nooo..

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" NoBoDy " said...

dah nak pindah ke moose? selamat menjadik org subang laa..