Opinion: Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer

Some of you may know or don't that I will officially start working next month. So, since my job requires me to meet and close deal with potential clients, it is only self-explanatory that I must look good and presentable, no?

And since I'm such a lazy bones when it comes to putting on make-up, I want something that gonna take me only 5 minutes - from moisturizer, foundation, a bit of concealer and mascara (the only make-up that I put on religiously)! Seriously, I don't want to spend so much time every morning just to put on make-up! In other words, *ehem* I value my sleep. Hiks.

I was google-ing some products that combine both moisturizer and foundation and discovered Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer, that not only it moisturizes your skin, it also gives your skin a tint of colour, hence the name. I've got mixed reviews on that. Some says that it's too oily and some says that it works wonder. I've been a loyal user of Olay Total Effects Moisturizer for almost a year now and it works so well on my dry skin. My only concern is that if I use Laura Mercier's will it gives me the same result that I got from Olay TE?

So, I need opinion(s) from fellow readers, does anyone ever use Laura Mercier's? Is it worth the money and the name?

Picture credit to Celebrity Beauty Buzz

p/s(petaling street): Another trick that I used to do is by mixing my Clinique's Supermoisture Foundation (works wonders with dry skin, try it!) with my moisturizer, but the packaging of Olay in Malaysia is different from that in Germany, so I can't possibly make that concoction directly in the bottle. Well, unless I use a separate bottle. Hmm.

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reena said...

I tak tau la nk ckp ok ke tak coz tak pakai LM tinted moisturizer ni.Dulu teringin gak nak try, tapi tak tertry.