The Day Baby Is No Longer A Baby

My baby sister is no longer the baby of the family. She is ready to spread her wings and fly. Literally.

I wonder what my parents think about this? For me, it's a cocktail of emotions. Surely I am happy for her, for she got what she always wanted to do in the first place. But at the same time, I am sad that her heart's desire is 2000km away from home.

Well, if I can survive 13-hours flight journey, why can't she, right? Afterall, whenever she's missing her big, caring sister *ehem* I'm always a call, or a ticket flight away.


polkdot said...

oh i am so touch..

Moose said...

eleh. mase tulis ni tgh emo. jgn nak prasan

polkadot said...

x pe paham..
*nak cover la tu