The Weekend Where I Realized That

..being a dancer and memorizing dance steps are just not in my DNA. Last weekend also marked as the weekend where I finally meet H's parents. Also the weekend where I (tried to) dance poco-poco and failed miserably. Oh the humility.

H and I made up (not make-out). The reward was meeting his parents, or more like his dad wanted to meet me and hear me belting out tunes during a karaoke session (how untraditional and unconservative), of which I profusely and politely declined. I don't want to scare the old man by croaking my voice out. Yes, I croak. Shamans in Africa should hire me in case their crops need rain. That was before knowing that he's going to take us to Treehouse at Damansara Uptown and also before I made the fool of myself by thinking that I could dance or rather I made myself believed that I could dance. Haissshh, some people are just not meant to be so well co-ordinate and graceful la.

Overall both of them are bunch of sporting parents and not as scary as I initially thought and H was so proud of me for behaving so well (and so he said).

I am touched. Ngeh ngeh.


" NoBoDy " said...

see? what i told you?
i wish and doa u guys selalu..
hope u have an everlasting joy..aminn..

Moose said...

ye la. omg, sgt scary bile dia call ckp his dad wanna meet me for dinner. aku rasa jantung aku stop kejap kot.tapi nasib baik the whole thing turned out to be ok. tapi lepas ni pls la jgn bwk aku gi karaoke or tarik tgn aku suruh menari2 lg. sumpah aku tanak