What To Do?

H's birthday is this weekend. Since he's going back to his hometown, I'm planning on celebrating it with him. The thing is I don't know what or where we should do or go. Normally in Deutschland, we usually go out and eat. There was this one time where I ordered a Sachertorte and had it delivered to his doorstep. Last year, he came to Frankfurt and I bought him a present, then we lepak-ed at Starbucks and that's all about it. This year I want to make something special though treating him lunch/dinner is somehow on my agenda.

I was planning on ordering some cupcakes with sweet/cute message on them but most of the cupcakes sellers need 2 weeks ahead to order. So had to cancel that idea. Now I'm resorting back to eat-out. I don't even had the slightest idea on what to give him as a present. We normally told each other what we want, then the other party bought it. Like I told him I want a Filofax organizer for my (belated) birthday present only to find out that Filofax is not even available in Malaysia and (had to, reluctantly) opted for (some cheap) MPH organizer. Boo-hoo.

So, how la? I don't know many eateries. Can someone give me some suggestions? Anyone? Oh, pretty please?


" NoBoDy " said...

aku pon tak reti dah nak bagik laki hadiah or nak buat surprise..seriously..

u cud eat out..or u cud bake sumtin (if tak penah buat)or u cud really plan a day ngan dia.. eg breakfast kt tis place and then go watch movie..then end it wif dinner at another place..cam package aa.. hehe just a thot..

it took me 2 months just to find a gift for my best friend...sampai skrg tak jumpa..aku dah tau nak bagi ape..but bile p usha..takde benda yg exactly suit him the best..

well that happens wen we really want the best..i say..fug it!

Moose said...

hmm, was thinking of eat out sahajork. tp tula taktau nk mkn ktne. msia ni mmg byk eateries tp the one that special, sdp n doesnt burn a hole in my pocket tu susah. buat kek tu aku dh pnh buat utk dia, lgpn my current home doesnt have oven. tp nk keep him to myselt the whole day tu tk blh la sbb parents die sure nk celebrate his bday gak. die kan anak emas bapak die. haha.

reena said...

Apa kata u beli cupcake kat wondermilk or any other cafe yang jual cupcake over the counter? Beli 1 pastu buh 1 lilin.Mesti comel! (I nak buat kt bf i dulu tp dia x makan cupcake).