for I've been so busy and lazy these days.

Ok, let's start off with last (last) weekend. On 13th June, Saturday was H's birthday, I was initially planning on ordering cupcakes, with designs of speakers and badminton, both are his (other) passions, apart from me (lah!). Ngeh. And since it was too late to even place an order for cupcakes, I had to resort for plan B, which was treating him to lunch. So, we had our lunch at Italiannes. We ordered the some appetizer (which I forgot the name), Chicken Parmigiana and Creme Brulee. I don't know but the food was kinda so-so to us. Maybe we tasted the original Italian food before so what we had was considered nothing special? Maybe.

For dinner, I joined H's family to Uno's Taipan, yet another Italian restaurant. Man, the food was the boom! I can't remember what his dad had ordered for us, for I was fashionably late. Hehe. H had a (not so) surprise birthday present from his parents, which is a Nokia E71, or is it N71? Well, you know the Blackberry look-alike type. I think it's the E71. Am I right? So he gave his (somewhat battered) almost a year old Samsung SGH-F480 to who else other than me to replace my barely held together Nokia 5300. Isk isk. The Samsung phone is a touch screen phone and till now, I can barely sms nor dial nor fully utilize the phone's ability. Isk, so much for a techno loser.

Oh yeah, the night before his birthday which is on Friday night, we (H, our close buddies and I) went for a bonding and kutuk-ing session at Treehouse in Damansara Uptown. I was somewhat dead tired because I just came back from Penang. There was a live band performance so I asked them to sing birthday song to the birthday boy when the clock hit midnight. H was so blur and had no clue that the whole song was dedicated to him. He thought that it was some other stranger who somehow shares the same birthday as his. You guys should see the confused and blur look on his face. That was priceless. Haha! And he was so thankful and touched that I organized the whole thing. I know that you're lucky to have me as not only your girlfriend but as your BFF.


*blush blush*

Eh, the boss is coming. I think I better stop writing.

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