Shocking News

Michael Jackson, 50 died on Thursday because of cardiac arrest.

I'll always remember you as a great singer/performer who awed me with the moonwalk dance moves and your face-changing effects in Black or White (pun not intended) music video many many years ago.

May you rest in peace.

p/s: Farrah Fawcett pun meninggal jugak. R.I.P Farrah.
pp/s: My mom used to have hairdo like Farrah. Hiks. Tak dpt ku imagine.


reena said...

Tu la. Terkejut kan bila baca news ni?

Oh rambut Farrah Fawcett tu my mom pun pernah buat. Hehe. Kelllasss u!

Moose said...

It's shocking kan? and sad at the same time.