Banyaknya Entri, Takda Kerja Ke Cik Kak Oi?

We, the staffs and I, supposedly be having our photos taken to be put up on the company's website today. Now, they postponed the photo shoot session to Friday. Damn, there goes my effort waking up so early in the morning and putting on make-up today.


Speaking of make-up, I need some sort of (magical) products that can transform me in (preferably) less than 5 minutes. Sounds impossible huh? Not until I found a product that suits my criteria and this magical product is called Hello Flawless! from Benefits. A newspaper was doing a review on it the other day and I just came across reading it. Might do a review on it later if I get my hands on it.


Ramadhan is just about a month away and I still have 9 days to qadha. My target is to fast at least 3 days in a week and in about 3 weeks time, I shall have 0 days left.


Whenever H is around, I'm blessed and happy. Even just for 2 days over the weekend.


The other day H told me that his dad was so curious about my hair. He even ask my boyfriend if he knew how do I look like without my hijab. H, who refused to answer, told him to ask me himself. When he told me about his dad's absurd enquiry, I was like, (-_-") ??
The old man even suggested I MMS-ed him my sans-hijab photo.


I miss H soooo much. Isk isk.


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