Spark Ke Sepak?

During the time when H and I took our time-off, I was miserably upset. I was in a new place, with no friends around and the only source of communication is through phone or the Internet. So, I IM-ed my (gay) friend and decided to spill the beans to him. Being a good friend (and a gossiper) that he is, he patiently lend me his ears.

So I told him the whole deal, from A to Z. I also told him that H felt no "sparks" anymore between us. (We always had this unspoken chemistry since the day one that we met. Truthfully, I never felt the chemistry so strong with anyone else other than him. Not even when I was with my ex.)

Me: Dia cakap dah takde spark lagi. He said he still love me but he just does not feel the spark anymore.

Him: Spark apa ni? Kalau nak spark sangat suruh H ambik spark plug kereta tu. Tak pun ko sepak je dia.

Me: (laughs)

Him: Or better yet, ambik dua ketul batu. Kemudian hantuk-hantukkan bagi sampai keluar spark. Boleh hidupkan api sekali.

Me: (laughs uncontrollably) Betul jugak tu. Batu tu boleh hantuk dekat kepala dia sekali lepas tu. Harap-harap berkekalan spark tu kat kepala dia.

Both of us: (laughs)

I don't care if you're really gay or not but all I know is that you made my day!


reena said...

Sama la..I rasa my relationship pun dah tak dak spark gitu. Sigh..5 tahun lebih..Ntah la..Tak tau nak cakap camna..

" NoBoDy " said...

achh come on..
ade spark ke takde..its all up to both of u..

klu rase tade spark..then do sumtin about it..

i seriously hate the word if it's the reason for weird solution..

*aku emo sat..esok ade paper..

Moose said...

reena: tula, the downside of kapel lama2 ni kan? tapi i think spark tu boleh adakan balik. yang penting effort.

munie: aritu je skrg ni ber"spark" gitu. siap sparkling sekali