PMS-Perempuan Memang S...?

I am upset. All because of a stupid dream I had. I dreamt of my boyfriend smoking with his friends and mind you, he does not smoke. Also, in the dream, he said that I annoy the hell out of him. So, this morning I text-ed him asking whether he smokes whenever he's around with his friends. He didn't reply but email-ed me later at the office. He said that he doesn't smoke cigarettes but only shisha last weekend during their hang-out. I was relieved and upset at the same time.

a) because the fact that he can refrain himself from smoking. (I have nothing against smoker, for I've been one before, but because my boyfriend thinks smoking is bad for your health)

b) the fact that he smoked shisha and does not tell me about it. It seems to me that he does not think I'm that important to him.

I voiced out my dis-pleasure and now he thinks that I'm making a big deal out of it. He said that we don't have to tell each other every single thing we did! I disagree completely, since I always told him whatever I did, small or big so this is a biggie to me!

Now, he thinks that I'm PMS-ing and that my period is getting near.

I shoot back, "My vagina does not bleed that frequent lah! Besides my period is only over 2 weeks ago!"


To which he replied, "Ok, next time I'll call you whenever I wash my hands or bontot, ok sayang?"


p/s: Eh why am I having so much time updating this blog also I don't know. And got insprired some more.


reena said...

U nak tau tak. I ni dah la garang, mulut laser apa sume, then masa PMS lagi la bertambah2 laser sampai bos i pun jena laser dengan i. Haha.

" NoBoDy " said...

lol..emo giler moose...
nway..aku faham kot perasaan ko.. *kot

ade byk benda nak citer..tp nanti laa..bile aku abes exam aku buzz..

Moose said...

reena:garangnya u sampai boss pun kena laser!
munie: emo kejap je weh. bukan lama2 pun

Karen Yaacob said...

hoooo.. i kalo emo dgn bf i pn sama la situation jd mcm u.. mesti dia angin je sbb sume benda i nak tau.. hahaha~

Moose said...

hihi. i takde la sampai nak tau semua benda, normally i cam tak kesah. it's just that masa tu i was quite disturbed by the dream that i had. and i punya instinct sangat kuat ok

d i y a n a said...

moose..gila okay. esok kahwin toksah hg jadik camni sebab hg akan tau apa dia akan buat termasuk berak. hahahaha.

*aku dulu sangat emosional, cumanya lepas kahwin ni dah kurang and jadik mcm org tak kesah palk.haha* (jgn jadik cam aku)

Moose said...

aku bukan la jenis yang nak amik tau ape bf aku buat. aritu je tetiba. bodoh punya mimpi. buat aku emo je.

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