Things That People Do When They're In Love

  1. Drove all the way from USJ to Malacca during the weekend.
  2. Hit 130 km/h on your Kancil's speedometer.
  3. Paid for your girlfriend's accommodation at the request of your beloved dad.
  4. Spend hours and hours at kebaya nyonya stores just because your girlfriend love them (a lot).
  5. Eat unhealthy, sweet and artery-clogging food even when you're supposed to be on diet.
  6. Waking up at 8am when you're dead sleepy, just to have breakfast together.

And it was (one of) the great weekend ever! Can't wait to see you again this weekend, sayang.

1 comment:

Karen Yaacob said...

swonok kan bila b'cinta ni.. bila happy, indah2 belaka. rs xnak ada gado lgsg, tp bile xgado, xbest la plak.. hihihih..