Pimp My Ride

Alhamdullilah, berkat listening to H's advice long time ago about not buying any designer handbags (yet), I proudly announced that I'm an owner of my own ride. All expenses paid by my own hard saving money. No PaMa money is involved. Not even a penny. Although I have to wait for some time to get it, the wait was worth it. I'm in love with every specs and details, despite others commenting on my choice. The car is within my budget, it has the (safety) details and specs that I want/need, why should I care about what others think? Did they somehow contribute anything other that (negative) comments to the my purchase?

Knowing me, once I made up my mind, it would take someone with a greater persuasive (which sometimes also failed) to change my decision. So, please don't waste your time.

My mind and body are tired for I just drove for 7 hours, alone. Not counting the troubles that I had been through today. Haissshhh. Lesson learned today; jangan suka melengah-lengahkan solat. Kalau tak Allah akan bagi balasan cash. Like when the tayar kereta pancit in the middle of the highway selepas hati terdetik mahu solat jama' qasar Zohor dan Asar only when I reached Penang. Thank God for Plus helpline, if not padan muka sendiri!

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