The Shame..

I am so ashamed of myself. I am ashamed because I rarely dressed up. I have switch my passion for high heels over comfy flats. All fashion blogs that I used to religiously read are being abandon. I don't feel like dressing up anymore and I don't know why. Boyfriend and I rarely went to any exciting places anymore. The only places that we went were Sunway Pyramid, Summit USJ (to watch movie) and mamak. So why bother dressing up?

I don't really like choices of clothes in the mall here. My fave stores when I was in Germany are Zara, COS, H&M and flea market. Yes, you heard me right. I am not ashamed to admit that I like (wearing) old dusty, vintage clothing (and handbags) Here, to shop in Zara would leave a hole in my purse. And we (still) don't have H&M or COS. And I doubt the price would be affordable even if they hit Malaysian shore. Topshop and Warehouse are overpriced. Style-wise I like clothes that are offered at online blogs. Quality-wise I don't. Taiwanese and Koreans have impeccable taste in trends and of what's hit, in and what's not. Personally, I fancied European style and copied and made them into my own. I am so into layering and rocker style influenced a lot by Karla's Closet, The Sartorialist and other blogs that I can't seem to remember, but to incorporate that here, in Malaysia? One would turn few heads around. Thus, I admire Jezmine Zaidan for be able to escape with interesting pieces that she wore.

I know my entry today has not point and I'm just writing this crap out of boredom at the office. 4 hours left before I can bid goodbye to all my collegues and say hello to a long weekend ahead.

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