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Yesterday on my way to our office prayer room, I caught my office mate in the kitchen. I knew that she couldn't fast so I playfully "caught" her on the act, for I thought she was eating. Little did I know that she was crying her eyes out.

She told me that she was hurt by her husband's word, accusing her of not able to bear him any child. She previously had 3 miscarriages, so much for not able to bear any child *sarcasm*. Now her husband threatens to remarry. Sobbing, she seeks for my help but there's nothing I could do. I took a seat, held her hands and silently prayed that she'd be strong. I was madly furious with the husband's word but who am I to interfere with their personal/marriage problems? It might as well blind leading the blind.

Disturbed by what I experienced, that night I asked H of what he'll do if I couldn't be able to bear him any zuriat. He said to not worry (much), all we could do is just try, pray and let Allah decides. If a child is not our rezeki, He'll compensated it with something, be it health, money or happiness.

And I couldn't agree more on his words...


d i y a n a said...

I agree with you. Just get a knife, and kill her husband.

(very emotional of me)


Moose said...

tula, aku dengar pun boleh cam nak marah. sangatla tak berguna laki kakak tu tau. apa jenis manusia la macam tu