Antara Beg Camelia Dan Beg Moose

I read Reena's post on EH! Chic party and realized that the Chanel bag Camelia's toting is the same as mine!

Click here to read about my previous post on the findings.

Here are Camelia and her bag, and of course the lovely Reena.

pics credited to Reena

and mine:-

See? sama kan? I can't clarify on the authencity of my bag though as I bought it at a flea market in Frankfurt. On the inside it says, "Chanel" and "Made in France" but this of course can be untrue.


reena said...

A'ah sama la beb! Eh cop, tapi mcm Camelia punya yg line tu menegak, u punya melintang? Ke i salah tgk? Tak kisah la janji sama! Fewittt blh geng dgn Camelia! Hehe.

Moose said...

haah. camelia punya line menegak i punya melintang.
gila ah beg sama pun excited. *loser*

mustaza syirin said...


Moose said...

boria tak boria. yang penting beg sama dengan camelia.

chewah..pantun 2 kerat plak