Colours Of My Life


...because the colour is too girly for my liking. And also it doesn't suit my skin colour. I have a yellow base skin colour. So anything that has pink hues in it, doesn't compliment my skin tone. Instead of making me look radiant, it makes me gloomy and moody, if I can add.

Yet, my outfit for the engagement is pink. *Nangis*

I don't really wear much colour in life. My favourite colour would be black, white, grey and blue. Although I wear less blue lately. But I'm always blue all the time. Heh. Not funny.

A friend once told me, don't wear more than 3 colours at once. An advice that I stick till these days. Also I have this habit of mismatching the colour my shoes on purpose because I don't want to look so monotone. Pelik kan? Ye, aku memang pelik. Have we not met?

In Reena's post, she did mentioned about the colour of 2010 is turqouise. Oh, I like turqouise! Turqouise is the shades of blue and blue is always been my fave colour since I was little. There was this phase where I would not wear anything that is not blue! Gilos.

So, what is your favourite colour?


Engagement date sudah set. Now waiting for H's dad to call my dad to finalize and confirm it. Yay! Boleh pecah kapla fikir benda lain lagi. OMG, boringnya (asyik) cakap pasal bertunang. Macam mana nak plan kalau tuan punya badan pun dah rasa boring? I'm so not the typical bride to be.

Ke sebab the excitement not yet hit me?

Ke sebab aku ada banyak benda lagi penting and besar which is my career and future to think and worry about?

I choose the latter. Enough said.


reena said...

I think sebab the latter kot. Kalau fikir pasal career & future, memang tak ingat benda lain dah. Rileks beb. Ni baru tunang. I selalu baca wedding prep lagi hazab. Huhu :( Kalau pasal color, i suka semua color except pink. Funchia yes, but not pink. Dulu2 masa teenagers, sukala. Skang tak dah. Yes, bcoz it's too girly gak bagi i. Cuma ada skali tu baru ni macam tersuka pink plak. Tapi skang tak dah kot.

Moose said...

Boleh tak i nak skip part2 yg hazab tu. Poning palo den. Haha.
I tak suka pink ok, terasa sangat gedik kalau I pakai pink. Pink yang lite2 tu ok la lagi, boleh terima tapi kalau satu baju pink like my engagement outfit harus i nangis. Isk isk

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hey,congrats babe!! Got a date already, me too! And I love your post on that bridezilla thingy. Hehehe. We are so similar and no, it's not vain to talk about your wedding/engagement.

I was in denial but deep inside I know I'm looking forward to it. However, I do try to contain it sometimes, perhaps I don't want to sound too eager because anything can happen in between (nauzubillah mintak2 dijauhkan).

And hey, I've linked you back =)

Moose said...

Thanks! And congrats to you too! Betul tu! I was actually (very) excited tapi kena control2 la as like you said. I'm very paranoid of bad things that could happen. Nauzubillah..
Nak announce ni pun i macam takut2 jugak. Paranoid tak tentu pasalkah aku ni?