Warning: Mushy entry ahead, if you are mushy-intolerant it is advisable to leave.

Last night, H and I decided to have dinner together. I have something to tell to him and apparently he has something to tell as well.

He used to work in Malacca for a year previously, and recently he got another better offer somewhere in Klang Valley. The pay is good and the place is near to his parents home. And so he moved. And so we (finally) decided to get hitched.

Weeks ago he had a job interview from a multinational company. And got the offer. The pay is better than his current job as well as its (medical) benefit.

Last night, we sat down and had our talk. He asked me of what I think and what he should do. So, I tell him my honest opinion that I don't think that it's the kind of job that I see he'll be doing. That the job isn't "him" at all. That the current job is more "him".

"Sayang, don't accept the offer just because of money. What's the point of having money if you are not gonna be happy later."

"But the benefit is good. What if something happens to me, to you, to our kids? At least they provide good medical benefits."

"We could buy medical insurance, if that is your major concern...."

"I know but I am a guy. I have to think about us, our family."

Then it hit me of how in love I am with this guy and how he is with me. He may never verbally showered me with romantic words, expensive gifts or even romantic gestures but knowing that he does think about me (and our future) is more than enough.

And I can't wait to be his Mrs.... Ngeeee.


NahWaL said...

Ingat senang ke nak tengok moose mushi2. aagaga..

so sweetttt

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...



but I feel you =)

Moose said...

nawal: haha. takdelah senang, takdelah susah.

TSS: I know! haha.