Mixed (Fruits/Vege)

I want to express my gratitude to Allah S.W.T for answering my prayer(s). After series of mishaps, I lost hope and almost lost myself.

I'm grateful that despite all this, my family and every person that matter to me didn't leave me hanging in the dark. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with their helps.

When mishaps happened, we sometimes to forget of the happier things that had happened in our life. Or I tend to forget that. But again if it was not because of all the endless supports and comforting words from family, friends (boyfriend included) and you dear readers, I don't think I can get through this. So, as cliche as it sounds, a heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And I'm still on job hunting. And no, I still didn't get a new job but I see some hopes. As for the preparation for the engagement, everything is (almost) done. The ring is done and ready to be collected anytime, I already sent kain to the tailor weeks ago, I placed the order for the cakes (for hantaran) from Mad About Cake yesterday (I got their contact from reading somewhere in one of b2b's blog, which I can't recall, sorry! Their cakes look nice and delicious enough for me to try them), my hip cool aunt in Singapora offers to buy the chocs for me and mom will take care of the fruits. Catering and canopy is already booked and confirmed. So, basically things are ready. On H's side, they're still contemplating on their agenda of either going to Haadyai or Penang, after (or before) the ceremony. (Most of) His extended families are coming as well, so this is like a big family road trip for them. As long as they can make it and are available during the ceremony, I don't really care if they want to go to all the way to Chiang Mai. Hiks.

I use to freak out whenever things are going out of hand but I'm surprise of myself being all collected and calm about things lately. Is this a sign of maturity? Or am I already gone through the phase of freaking out? Either or, I like the way I handle stress and problems lately. Oh, I know! It must be from all the hours that I spent in the gym! I do read somewhere that exercise is a good way to release stress and work tension.

H is based in Klang Valley since last December and I'm getting used to see him every alternate days. Before, we only see each other every weekend or whenever he's back. I love to spend my times with him and his guyfriends. Well, technically they are my friends as well. We share almost the same clique of friends. Hanging out with him and my guyfriends means that I spend less time with my girlfriends. It can be helped because of work, we rarely hang-out like we used to. My closest friend works in UPM (Nahwal ko kerja UPM jugak kan?) and stays with her parents in Bangi but she's not really adventurous when it comes to driving alone outside her territory (Bangi-Serdang-Bangi), so it's hard for me to meet her. And she have to be back home before 10pm. And one of my close friends is in Sitiawan because she works there. And she even works on Saturday and seldom come back to her parents home. Macam mana nak jumpa?

I really need to have female bonding session like what I had in October last year cause I'm slowly becoming one of the boys. I even joined their dirty talk session and I do think that the boys didn't notice that I'm a girl. I'm basically one of 'em. Dahla aku flat-chested.wagagaga. nama aku pun macam lelaki. If it's not for my middle name, memang orang akan ingat aku lelaki, if just based on my name. Which is always happened to me. Akak redha je u'ols orang ingat aku lelaki.

Oh papi en mami, why la kome pergi bagi aku nama (macam) lelaki? (And my sister too, she shares the same first name as me) --> motif cakap spanish kemudian cakap perak pulak?

Ok, this post has become a jumble up post. Like mix fruits. Or my undergarments drawer. Or my brain.


NahWaL said...

Yeah im in upm. bestie ko keje mana nok? lek lek, biasala dugaan, aku pon tengah teduga ni..nak tulis dalam blog too personal..sabau je la beb, ko jangan pk sangat. aku tau nasihat aku tak membantu. agagaga. but it'll be over before u noe it.

Aku stress doh. haih.(motep luahkan kat blog ko?)agagag

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Good to hear things are turning well for you!:-)