Bulu-Bulu Jadian

Haha. Tergelak tengok tajuk entry sendiri. Haha. Bongek Moose.

Ok, sebelum tu....

I had another major emotional meltdown again, last night. It is my 3rd time to date, so early in 2010. The reason, the same reason it always been - career, future and life.

I hate it when I was forced to do something that I don't like at the first place. But what choices do I have? And look where I end up. Unhappy and stressed out. Oh, I sounded so depressed and melancholic. Now, my eyes are all swollen from last night. I'm so embarrassed coming to the office today as they're so obvious!

Whatever. *eyes rolling*

Now, on more happier note. I was on business trip with my colleagues to Penang last week. He had to go back on the same day itself but I had some things to settle so I stayed a night there. I had nothing to do during the night and though I'm dead tired from driving, it was still early to hit the sack. I decided to brave myself and took a drive to the nearest mall. After asking people at the lobby for directions, there I was, all alone in Queensbay Mall, Penang. After spending a good half an hour in Borders, I decided to give myself....

a body waxing! ......Or parts of it.

If you refer to this and this, you'll notice that I'm very particular about body or facial hair. In other words, I'm very particular hair that grows on body parts that is not your head.

I'll do anything to get rid of these hairs. I shave, pluck, tweeze and wax. And oh thread too. Since the engagement is only a week away (from the time I did the waxing), I decided to wax the hair on the back of my hands as well as on the fingers. H said I'm crazy. Bulu-bulu jadian kecik tu pun nak wax katanya. Well, I don't care, his mom gonna sarung the ring and I don't want my future MIL to faint when she sees my hands like this,

Gitu sekali aku exaggerate kan?

Within this week, I'm planning to wax the legs, the arms myself and hit the Indian saloon mentioned in previous entry to do the threading.

Then if I have time (and moolah left) I wanna do manicure! Oh I love the feeling after each manicure session. Your nails are buffed and shiny, the nasty cuticles are trimmed off, the perfect white lines of your classy french manicure. The hand massage. Ah bliss. After the series of emotional breakdowns that I had, I deserve to pamper myself, no?

Tapi lepas tu meroyan bila looking at the bills that I have to pay.

Back to the make-up issue. I had enough with all the dramas that been going on in my current life. So, back to the initial plan. I will do my own make-up. I bought the essential tools last night in addition to what I had. Yela tu tools. Padahal beli concealer je. Haha. I asked a lot of tips from the make-up artist at M.A.C and the MUA was very helpful. Though I forgot what her name is. Jenny or Jennifer or something. Oh, I so love their liquid eyeliner. Very easy to apply but sadly it's not refillable. Unlike those from Shiseido. Liquid eyeliner from Shiseido is on the #1 in my list of essential make-up tools.

#2 is a good foundation. I prefer liquid or cream over compact because it offers more coverage. Bukan coverage line telefon, but coverage as if in even out the skin tone and flaws.

#3 is a good concealer. Both under eye and for spots/acne/pigmentation.

#4 lain kali aku cerita. Aku bukan profi in make-up. My knowledge is limited to only what I (think I) know.

Satu isu dah setel. Malas nak panic and pening kepala. I just want to enjoy the ride and be happy. Last night, during the meltdown, H said something sweet that I shall keep it only to myself to remember. But he kept on repeating this - if you don't try, you'll never know. See where it lead us now...we're getting engaged on Sunday!

Yes sayang, I can't believe (it too) that we are getting engaged. On Sunday. This Sunday. Ngeeeeee.

p/s: Please b2b, don't neglect this part - hairy arm (or back of the palm, what have you..) Dahla photographer to zoom kat jari masa nak sarung cincin tu, dah sah-sahla kalau korang ada bulu-bulu dekat jari tu, bulu-bulu tu akan nampak kan? Korang nak ke anak korang cakap,

Eiii mama, apa ni ada bulu jari..macam serigala jadian.

*pengsan* And no, masa tu anak korang taktau yang serigala jadian can be damn hot like Taylor Lautner. Mungkin masa tu Taylor Lautner sudah middle age dan tidak hot lagi.


Beauty Touch @ RAJA SUEFINA said...

lookin for your makeup artist?

cik yaya said...

hey,taylor lautner mesti ttp hot even on his middle age.heeee..tak sbr nk tgk ur pics during E-day!

congrats my dear :)

reena said...

Hehe. I baru nak cakap tak suka benor u dengan bulu2 ni. Agree sgt yg part medicure & pedicure tu. Masa i buat 1st time, rasa macam princess sebab orang tolong potongkan kuku semua. Haha. Babe, nak tanya, both Mac & Shiseido punya eye liner senang cuci tak?

NahWaL said...

NI aku takot ni. Aku ni dahle manyak mulu2 halus. HAHHAHAHHA. bukan orang kata kalao camtu mak mertua sayang ke? (apa jadah aku nak simpan semata nak buktikan)

tapi sakit woo waxing!

Moose said...

raja suefina: sms u already!

cik yaya: yes, some ppl like george clooney are even yummier when they're older. oh, i'm so malu. my e-day will be so simple. ntah2 macam majlis merisik sesetengah orang je. nothing grand.

reena: haha. memang! i memang tak suka bulu2 ni. pantang sangat kalau tengok bulu2 misai ke kening ke. boleh tension tau!
i suke sangat the feeling after pedi and manicure. rasa beeeessst sgt!
eyeliner MAC haritu although not waterproof tapi still susah nak cuci. yang shiseido that i used to use tu, waterproof. tapi i use waterproof eye make-up remover (garnier/fasio) and takdela sesusah mana nak take it off. kalau tak guna remover taktau la..susah gak kot. tapi guna baby oil pun senang gak

nahwal: eh first time aku dengar, erm takpelah aku lagi rela takde bulu daripada simpan so that mak mentua sayang! haha. memula je sakit bila dah biasa rasa syok plak.

Bloom Baby Bloom said...

hahahahahaha.. (still laughing hysterically --> u samekan bulu tangan u ngan bulu tangan monkey ke? u r so funny)

*hi, i'm new! btw, i like ur writing! =)

sarahsayangjiman said...

so you decided to do your own makeup..i went ahead to buy mac too. love love love the foundation. make sure you do it early! i did my make a tad bit too late and everyone was panicking so i was sweating like mad(the hot weather was not helping).

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Girl, my mom always tells me to do the best in the job that I'm having at the moment. Oh well, it sounds very cliche kan but it's true.

So don't be so demotivated. I understand how it feels when you don't like what you are doing but God sure has His own plan.

I am a true believer of what you call 'The Secret'. That the universe conspires to give you what you want. Search for it if you don't know and you'll understand why I said all the things I said =)

Zetty said...

selamat bertunang cik moose!

ps: i cannot get over the fact that u dedicated an entry just for bulu-bulu jadian. hahaha.

Moose said...

bloom: welcome to my humble blog. chewah. haha. am i funny? *blush*

sarah: yes, i decide to DIY the make-up. had enough of frantically searching for last minute MUA. thanks for the advice. i will do my make-up right after solat subuh. haha. semangat tak boleh blah

Moose said...

TSS: I'm sure that God has its own plan (for me) and sometimes God work in mysterious ways. For now, I just concentrate on the current job while looking for new job. Are you referring to the book "The Secret"? I always wonder what the book is all about. But I don't like reading the so-called motivational books and the likes though.

zetty:thanks zetty! haha. ketidaksukaan kepada bulu-bulu jadian jelas ternyata.