Style Covered

Looking back at all my entries, I realized that I have stopped blogging about fashion. Shame on me.

Apart from my family and fiance, ehem. Hahaha. Fashion is the second love of my life. I love fashion and so does shopping.

I was bloghopping and came across this blog. My first impression was, Masya Allah the girl is so pretty! And she's wearing hijab! And she's half-Japanese, half-white. Cantiknya! *nada terlampau teruja*

She's so versatile and fashionable. But most importantly, her style is hijab-friendly! Me likey!.Who says you can't be fashionable when you're wearing hijab? Just.Look.At.Her. Awesome!

My top picks:

Ok, time to bring out those wide legged jeans I've been hiding.

(the dress not the telco provider)

I know this is not her, but sayang, can I wear (something like) this for your reception?

Photos all taken from her blog

One of the reasons why I barely dressed up anymore is, I hate getting the stare from strangers! Like whenever I wear my red-riding hood ballerina, the first thing people look at is my feet! Itu belum pakai killer heels lagi. Strange as it sounds, although I don't really mind what people think about me, the only I can't stand is the stare! Pelik kan? Macam shy-shy cat gitu. Haha.

I would describe my style as...bohemian meet girl next door. Ok, people always say this "girl next door". I wonder who's really this girl next door? Anak jiran sebelah rumah kah? Tapi she's only 3 y.o. Boleh ke? Haha. Fiance like me wearing sweet2 girl next door clothes type like babydoll dress and the likes tapi itu bukan saya! Saya suka pakai selebet2 macam Mary Kate Olsen. Haha. Bohemian plus vintage 70's tu. That's so me.

Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era. I like what my mom wore during her 20's. Hint: long middle-parted straight hair, maxi, wide legged jeans and pussy bow shirt. Menarik kan? I don't have her pictures in the 70's with me but you'll get what I mean, right.

So, what is your style?


reena said...

Cantiknya that girl!

NahWaL said...

santek sangat! tapi aku suke tengok kasot dia dalam last pic. santek ok!

kadang2 macam takot nak berfesyen lebeh2. can i pull it off? dahla pendek haha

the miss bride-to-be said...

her style sgt minimal yet she does look kinda sexy in dat long dress.

and yes, kasut dia sgt sexy jgk. damn i love it. :)

Elly Anaille said...

eh die sangat cute! serius sumpah gile suke kasut pink itu.

hey, i always admire ppl yg dressup ala2 mary kate tau. but i don't have the guts to pull it off. you should continue wearing them la yang...

Ami Schaheera said...

i pun sangat admire hana stylecovered tu, so lovely.. one day when i've started wearing tudung imma wear it like her. infact dah simpan banyak modest outfit inspirations from his archives before this hihi.

i suka ashley olsen! but sadly i can't pull off the middle parting long hair coz i think my face is too panjang, nampak kurus/horse-ish/giraffe-ish sangat.. sad :(

i think we have very similar style in fashion kot? :P

eDyth said...

don't like being stare too but what the heck. kite dress up pun sbb kita suke kan. ;)

mmg lawa & chic hat girl with hijab.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I used to dress up when I was in UK. I stopped when I came back. I too, hate the stare. Now it's just bootcut jeans with shirt or tunic and sandals. Haha.

Fathiyah said...

salam cik moose,saya dok ikut ur blog.btw,saya pon peminat miss hana nih.mmg best tgk her style =)

sumpit said...

i dont even know how to dress up :(

but i too like things from the past i.e. kebaya, so much i wonder if i'm living in the right era. think kebaya enhances erm... with my being so pipih i dont even know wht it enhances, but i like it laaa...

Moose said...

series cantik!

pakai je. paling kurang pun orang tengok je. hihi.

the miss b2b:
oh yes, long dress tu sangat cantik!

i boleh je nak continue pakai but my fiance ni suka komen2. dia suka cam, eh pakai apa ni? macam orang selekeh. *sabo je la*

Moose said...

similar style in fashion? omg, i'm so flattered. haha. ashley olsen is a bit modest compared to her twin tp i like mary kate's style more.

i'm a bit conscious bila orang usha2 ni. serius pelik.

same here! i used to dress up when i was in germany tapi balik sini kena tone down sikit. balik2 pakai skinny jeans, tunic and long blouse je. i miss knee-length boots, leggings and dresses!

thank you sebab sudi follow! cantik kan si hana ni?

you'll have to learn how to dress up. dulu i pun tak tau but slowly i try. i like kebaya nyonya a lot! kebaya lain2 tu macam kurang sket