An Eye Opener Experience

Planning a wedding together with my fiance is definitely an eye opener experience for me, as well for him.

I can't remember the countless disagreements that we had on certain things. Yet, these arguments somehow brought us even closer. Although we've known each other for 8 years, there are still sides of him that I've never known before and like-wise for him. We're quite surprise actually because we thought that we've known each other enough.

Last night, we sat down and talked. Of how rigid I can be and how indecisive he can be. He praised me for being the most systematic, efficient and a good planner he ever met. (No surprise there, which explained why my major is industrial planning/consulting) But he said, I need to tone down a bit as I'm rigid and don't tolerate with delay or any unplanned things well. Which I bitterly admit.

I honestly don't know when or how it changes me. I mean, I used to be someone who not care much about wedding before. I don't bother to take photographs with brides (still is, actually) and to ooh and aahh over wedding-y stuffs before. Yet, here I am, blogging about my wedding preparation. The thing that still separate me from being a total bridezilla is putting a countdown ticker on my blog. Like, do I need a constant reminder of how soon time is running out for me? No, I don't. Thank you.

My fiance also admit that he can be the most indecisive person on earth and don't know how to say no to others. Whilst I on the other hand, the firmest person among us. When I say no, there's no room for argument. (Works well in Jakel. Hiks) Afterall, my fiance is a peoples person. What we lack in ourselves, we compensate in our better halves.

We never organize a major event or work together which explain the here and there disagreement. The only time we worked together was planning a week backpacking trip to Italy for 4 persons in summer 2007. Which I was the head organizer. He merely booked the hostels and the plane tickets. Hiks. Tu pun beli tiket flight silap tarikh. Meroyan kejap. Nasib baik one of the hostels were kind enough to change the date.

As being advised by H's cousins, I should enjoy the ride and not get so stressed out. Wedding afterall should be an enjoyable event and not a pulling hair one.

Oh well, I think I need to breath and reboot.


NahWaL said...

dah. ikot aku p jakel. p sana buat aku gile . dahla tak reti say no. apa dia aju tula aku nak. serious its a big problem. aku tak reti say no! haha.

but ur like me also, or im like u. aku pon takleh nok lelambat. tensen! kalao hari ni deadline, harinila.

the miss bride-to-be said...

i believe we're in the same situation. my bf sgt2 a peoples person and he's too cool dalam mengejar deadline. i on the other side sangat strict and bold with what i want/plan/etc.

but then again he's my other half and we complete each other. :)

Moose said...

let's jakel! aku jenis sebab aku dah awal2 tau ape yang aku nak kan..jadi senanglah aku nak cakap no. aku rimas klo lambat2 ni noks. kurang penyabar katakan..

the miss bride-to-be:
kan? samelah kite. haha

NahWaL said...

Man jakel will love having me. haha. haritu aku gatal p masok. terus belikan kain pengapit. rm400 ok. gile apa

sumpit said...

i'm oso like dat la, pompuan mmg camtu kot when it comes to deadlines. It's like kita rasa better safe than sorry.

And like u, i also thot i wanted a simple wedding, but after blog-hopping tiap2 hari, mula rasa itu nak, ini nak. It's almost like I've lost touch with what i originally wanted.

But at least your fiance ada gak input, walopon x suma kena. Mine cam relax je, date pon x confirm. Yg confirm flight tix dia dtg sini lepas kawin.

Tp td bila ckp nak pakai kak ram, tetiba kena sound suruh cari pompuan pure, dah sakrang problem nak cari MUA pompuan lak :(

eh, sorila, melepas perasaan panjang2 kat sini hari2. I'm too lazy to blog sendiri :p

Xora said...

erm.. mungkin pasal kita tau, kalau kita tak rancang, lagi la entah jadi apa. Jadi bila dah rancang, kita nak make sure apa yang dah dirancang tu dapat direalisasikan. Takpe Moose, jangan risau. semuanya akan OK akhirnya!

reena said...

I think, i should bring u to Jakel. I nak pi Jalan TAR nanti. Nak beli kain for my sis's E! Day. Nak temankan i tak? (I ajak serius ni)

Moose said...

aiyo terlupa nak reply komen sorg2.

wokeh memang gila kain pengapit saje sampai 400. bukan ko pegi bandung ke aritu? harus ketuk kepala kan sebab tak beli kain pengapit dekat sana. haha. ok jakel shah alam nanti jom pegi sama2. ajak yaya, lyndot and heed. ke diorang dah beli kain? lepas tu orang jakel benci aku sebab aku asik cakap no. haha.

input dia banyak tak kena dengan aku. haha. tapi what to do kena compromise la ni.my dad pun kalau boleh tanak MUA separuh2 ni. die nak yang tulen. tapi kalauu yang the best and available is yang separuh2 ni cmno nak buek?

Moose said...

hopefully semuanya akan ok!

boleh je! haha.