Nilai 3 Aftermath

I find it rather boring to talk constantly about my wedding preparation. Don't ask me why because I also don't know. Maybe I'm still in a middle of mid-life wedding crisis or whatever.


But a quick updates won't do much harm, no? Ok, shall we begin?

(Sila baca dengan pantas)


So, last weekend bestie and I went to Nilai 3 and I must say thanks a lot for all the tips and advices given. As being told, we straightly hit kedai Thank-q because it's among the first shop at the entrance of Nilai 3. There's a lot of stuffs here esp. dulang hantaran, ribbons, artsy and deco stuffs for hantaran. Oh, there are lots of high grade made-in-China artificial flowers. I bought 6 stalks of blue and beige hydrangeas at RM5.90 per stalk. They look so real that my bestie bought 10 stalks of them. Like, who's getting married here again? I also bought about 10 roll of ribbons which cost about RM7. It's for one of my DIY projects.


After that we then off to KK Home Deco. This place is so amazing that we found ourselves oo-ing and aah-ing at most of the things on the display. If you're a fan of English-style deco and Lovely Lace, then this is the right place for you. I found the white square-ish plate that I wanted. Initial price was RM2.90 but there are not much left so they're having a promotion of 5 for RM10. We sorted out the plates and bought only 5, there are around 5-6 plates which didn't pass the QC test. Hehe. I'm happy as one thing less on my list.


Then off we went to erm, can't remember the shop's name. But it's kedai langsir. I had one particular design in mind, and was a bit frustrated that I didn't find any. We didn't explore all the shops there because we're kinda rushing to attend a mutual friend's wedding.


It was raining heavily once we arrived. Nonetheless, the wedding was indeed beautiful. The groom is our mutual friend. My bestie was his primary school's friend and I knew him during our preparation days in Shah Alam. The bride and groom wore a beautiful grey songket and theme colour for that day was green. It was held at the groom's house compound. A big compound I must say as it could fit almost 7-9 tents easily. The gazebo was decorated beautifully and served as the wedding dais for that day. Sadly I didn't bring any camera with me, so I can't show you any proof. But I was there, so you'll just have to believe it. Hahaha.


After that I accompanied bestie to her high schoolmate's wedding. I didn't know the bride but I was bestie's plus one on that day so I just went along. It was almost the end of the kenduri as we arrived rather late. The bride took a live band and we're entertained by them. If I'm not mistaken, the official photographer on that day was from Avicenna but I didn't know which photographer. Was a bit segan to ask as I didn't know the bride personally. The bride wore a sort of purplish pink songket and the theme colour was pink and purple. Sweet colour combination. Can't comment much on the food as I didn't eat any. Was already full from the previous kenduri although I ate a little as I was saving stomach's space for the second kenduri.


So, how's that for a quick update?


NahWaL said...

read it pretty quickly. HA HA HA. mid wedding crisis eh moose? had 10s of those , have to get back on the saddle, giddy up! haha

aku pujuk mak aku gi nilai 3. ada ke dia kata beli bunga telur kat shah alam je. aku p kat kedai shah alam, letak telur atas pinggan kosong lagi cantik dari gune bunga telur kat kedai tue. horror. selamba je aku kata semua tak cantik. berapi orang tu dengar gaknya. HA HA

Moose said...

haha. lawak gila weh. selamba ko, matilah berapi orang kat kedai tu. aku totally paham perasaan ko camno. pegi nilai 3, nak kata cantik merembes sangat pun tak jugak but i think at least you'll have more options.

NahWaL said...

nak buat sendiri je la. tapi mak aku kata tak kuasa dia. cis. haha. dah memang macam sarang burung aku tengok. tah apa2 fesyen bunga telor tah. aku nak bunga goyangla macam dulu2. tau tak, bunga goyang? bunga telor, tapi bunga dia macam ala2 besi sikit, kilat2 emas ada silver ada. dia goyang2 gediq2. tu nama dia bunga goyang. haha.

Parents. bila dia tengok, dia suke terus dia beli. tapi bila kita sebot2, ada aja taknak. tu taknak ni taknak.

minggu lepas aku beli katil. tak plan ok. lambat lagi kawen, buln 3 dah beli apa jadah. bapak aku p angkut g kedai konon2 nak window shopping. dia suke katil tu terus dia beli. fine. aku kata aku suke jugak. tapi tidaklah aku mintak beli.


Moose said...

katil mak aku dah lama beli. masa tunang tu lagi. dahla tak consult aku dulu kan. malas nak over2 jadi bridezilla. parents memang jenis nampak, suka dan terus beli. survey2 takde dalam kamus diorang kot?

aku tanak bagi bunga telur,tapi belum bagitau mak aku lagi. bape banyak nak bagi kat orang oi, dengan jem la, yassin la, chocs la, sweets la, bunga telurnya lagi. agak2 la kan nak kasi orang pun. mau rabak poket aku kalau sume bende pun nak kasi.

NahWaL said...

kasi time renjis je kot. kan. akupon nak paling pon 100 je kiri kanan. haritu ada jumpe blog dia sampai ke sudah aku tak jumpe dah bunga goyang2 tue.

Parents memang. aku nak bwak parents gi wedding expo kat mid valley, dia suke terus dia book HA HA HA. bijak tak. cepat ikot aku . LOL