Mini Cakes

This entry is long overdue actually. Baru rajin nak transfer gambar. Hiks.

During my engagement in February, one of the hantarans from me to my fiance was cakes. Mini cakes to be exact. I like the idea of giving out mini cakes as cupcakes and cakes had become somewhat common nowadays. And so the search for the design began. I found few designs that I like and saved it inside my folder. My cake folder to be exact.

Don't you just love having a folder for each wedding related item? So far, in my hard disk, I have a veil, cake, dress, pelamin, decoration, shoes, make-up, hand bouquet folders. Though I can be a bit anal when it comes to organizing and archiving things la kan. Kalau boleh semua benda pun aku nak buat folder. Haha.

Eh, digress plak. Back to the mini cakes. After I found the design that I want, I short-listed few cake maker that I had found through the net. Bloghopping sana sini and terjumpa. Mind you I only go for those yang di-review oleh bloggers. Sebab most bloggers ni honest kan. Mahal cakap mahal and sedap cakap sedap. So I (kinda) trust their word.

Contact sana sini. Mintak harga and minimum order semua. After much consideration, I decided to go for MAC. Bukan MAC make-up tu ye. Ini MAC yang stands for Made About Cake. Tu dia. Gila sebab kek. Matilah abes orang jadi gila lepas makan kek. Hiks.

Example of mini cakes that I ordered. Yang bawah tu kek lapis Sarawak.

So, after email Chef Zam, minimum order quantity for mini cake is 7 pieces at RM17 each. Dia cakap tak kesah design macam mana, insya Allah they can do it. Tapi for more intricate design, the price will be charge according la. Tapi kalau setakat flowers here and there, RM17 per piece.

If I still remember, they have 2 flavours to choose from, chocolate fudge and vanilla. I choose chocolate fudge and man, choc fudge dia sedap! Not to moist but not too dry. Just nice. I think the texture sesuai la kot untuk fondant cake sebab kalau moist sangat fondant tu cair la pulak.

So there, if you're looking for a cake maker, you can take Made About Cake into consideration or visit their blog for further info.

Disclaimer: I am in any way not endorsed by the said party. I just party. Eh apakah?


Durruz said...

comeynyer cake,rase cam nak ngap aje.haha.

NahWaL said...

takot aku tengok kek fondant, macam bila ngap takot gigi cabut hahaha. adei lawak.

pagi2 aku dah dapat skype kau yang bertarikh jumaat 4.30 ptg haha. time tu aku meeting ngan bos. ampong

Moose said...

kek ni memang untuk ngap pun! haha

eh fondant kek ni bukan jenis yang keras cam concrete tu. ni yang lembut ala2 marzipan tu, siap boleh gigit2 lagi.

freespirited12 said...

good grief. reading about your folders reminds me of myself. folder for everything. very anal. but the satisfaction of knowing where everything is in the hard disk is something no one can beat. ahaha