Happy Father's Day!

Growing up, I would never understand why my father would much prefer to take us to boring places such as museums and educational exhibitions whenever we were on holidays. Instead of going to much fun(er) places like water theme parks and the likes, we'd spent hours long at the museum ooh-ing and aah-ing over some weird looking fossils or Neanderthal figurines. And at the end of every visit, he will ask for a summary of what we found interesting. Being the eldest, I was the one who's responsible on explaining everything to him on my younger siblings' behalf as they know nothing other than running up and down. The challenges that an elder sibling has to face.


My father is someone who doesn't mind traveling and driving all the way from Perlis to Terengganu if his children wants to see the sea turtle rehabilitation center in Rantau Abang but will make a fuss if we want to have fun at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, which is only a mere 2 hours drive from our home.

He is not a fun-intolerant person but it's all because he wants to instill the importance of education and knowledge in us.

(General) Knowledge is important to him. I still remember how he cut out a newspaper article bearing all the ministers name in the new Cabinet when I was 15. He asked me to remember all their names and their respective departments. It will helped you a lot during your BM essay, so he said. And it did.

When I was in primary school, he would play a game in the car with us while driving. An educational game to be exact. The game would be from naming the state's names to the capital cities of the world. When you are 10, the chances of being able to name the capital city of Mongolia is self-satisfying.

I became the person that I am now partly because of him. He instills the determination of wanting to become the best in me. Though I wished that I can be better but nevertheless I am grateful to be the person that I am today.

And therefore, thank you Papa and Happy Father's Day.

Your daughter,



reena said...

Baik2 sebut Mongolia. Sensitip skit. Heh.

NahWaL said...

fathers always push u to be the person u dont want to be masa kecik. tapi bila besar sometimes i blame him for not pushing me enough ahha. but fathers, sometimes they instill the professional side of us dari kecik. aku pon kalau nak bukak cita hiburan2 ke kuar la ayat 'takda cerita ilmiah ke?"

haha. adoi. celebrate mana mek?

Moose said...

Kenapa dengan Mongolia?

omg, bapak aku pun sama! dulu2 jgn harap la boleh baca all the entertainment craps. tgk vid clip dekat NTV7 (dulu belum ada ASTRO) pun die dah perli2, asik tgk orang menyanyi je. sampai sekarang pun nasib baik, i'm not into artis2 sangat. gosip2 adela. hihi