Love Is All About Accepting The Person The Way They Are,

..................including their bad habits and traits.

My fiance has this habit of correcting everyone's English pronunciation and grammar. It is one of my pet peeves of his because I am the closest person to him and I got corrected by him each and every time I opened up my mouth to speak. I talk a lot whenever I am around people that close to me, so you can count in your head silently the frequencies of being corrected.

I know my English sometimes sucks. I tend to ignore a little grammar mistake here and there. Sometimes I missed out a S of plural and there are times when past tense and present tense are jumble up in one sentences. When you speak 3 languages and are not a master in any of those languages, the grammar tends to get mixed up. Though at times I do check everything I wrote here before publishing it. Just in case my fiance reads it and it does annoy the hell out of me whenever he pin-points the (silly) grammar mistakes.

He knows that I am annoyed every time he did that but I silently think he adores teasing me to death. How very Nazi "fond" of him.

Yesterday, while working, my "adorable" fiance YM-ed me.

I am sleepy, he said.

To which I replied;

Did you watched the game last night (2 days ago)? Did Germany win?

He replied;

No. I did not watch any game last night. BTW, did not watch, not did not watched.

Out of annoyance, I typed;


Ehh silap,


His short reply was,


What is your pet peeves of your so-called better half?


NahWaL said...

HAHAHHAHAA gile comel okehhh. but the other thing of having those so called oh so annoying habbits is that, they sometimes , without us being aware of it,make you a better person.

but you go insane being teased first boohoo

at least anak kau nanti tak fail bi nok hahaha

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Ehehehe.. Sorry Moose. I got the same problem here. I correct my hubby too (and he hates it too). It's a bad habit I guess. =(

But he's got a pet peeve too. He doesn't pay attention hehee.. I'll say A, B and C. Next thing I know he'll go like, "What's that thing you said about D earlier?".

What?? Where did D come from? ;p

chenta said...

HAHAHA itu memang annoying SANGAT. tapi sebab the way dia tegur tu comel n bertujuan baik, aku rasa shud be ok lah kann? :) :) kena kental hati jelah..

shueyshoelove said...

my pet peeves of my better half is unfortunately correcting his english. hehehhe. yes, he gets annoyed like u do and he goes, "whatever-lah". agak comel lah.

lagi satu he likes to make funny faces bile amik gambar. annoying kut. can never get a proper picture of him or the two of us. either nampak too skema or he looks weird.

and lagi satu. eh panjang pulak. dia suka drama and merajuk lebih lebih. over mengalahkan perempuan. tee hee.

and yes, each of us ada pet peeves against pasangan masing masing. kalau tak ada sesi annoying meng-annoying, tak meriah lah!

reena said...

Bf i macam fiance u skit2. Hehe. My bf BM dia sucks, i plak English sucks. Elok la tu. Dok correct each other. I paling rasa annoying bila dia mesti call/sms i masa i mandi. Mesti! Time i mandi, time tu laaaa dia nak call bagai. But not his fault. Manalah dia nak tau kan? Ok lg satu is dia akan guna 'kuasa veto' dia nak tengok movie yg dia nk tgk ja dgn alasan movie yg i nak tgk selalu tak best hampeh dot com semua cukup which is trueeee. Haha.

Cieri said...

dia suka sebut `malas` `mendoukusai` kalau kena buat apa2 even tuk capai menda dekat ngan dia. pastu suka cakap `kita boleh/tahu/reti buatmendanimendatu tapi kita malas aja`
pastu lps guna toilet,tutup toilet meeeeesti xreti nak tutup balik.

sumpit said...

hey, where's my comment?
adehhh, penat type panjang2...

Moose said...

macam comel la sangat. benci aku. yes it did make me a better person. at least i speak better english. ok not that i am THAT bad, tapi biasalah kadang-kadang cakap cepat, ayat & sebutan pun terabur la.

haha. comel la winder. that short attention is like me when my fiance talks about something boring. he said i have an attention span of a fish kalau the topic doesn't interest me!

yes serious memang annoying sangat!

Moose said...

yerp. kalau tak meng-annoying kan sesama sendiri, siapa lagi kan? haha

i really hate it whenever he takes the time to analyze what i had said. i cakap dekat dia, do you have to correct every sentences everytime i speak? dia cakap, no sayang, bila you cakap/sebut salah je. benci!! arghh!

haha. men and their toilet.

taip lagi! blogger comment ni kadang-kadang benggong sket.

sara said...

aku paling benci bila tgh cakap pasal hal kahwin ke, pasal hal aku ke..time tgh cakap ni..tetiba dia masuk cerita pasal camna nak modified kereta dia...haa stress!


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hahahaha. In our relationship, I am the one who's correcting his English. Like every now and then.

The best thing is, he doesn't get annoyed.

Oh well, sometimes I use wrong English dengan secara sedarnya jugak. I am so influenced by Kinsella's way of writing. Haha.

Come to think of it, I don't really know what's his bad habit. I sure know mine. I am the emotional wreck. Hahahaha.

Moose said...


haha. lawakla tunang ko. aku pun tensen gak klo camtu. tapi selalunya aku la yang tak pay attention tu. hihi. tengah cakap pasal A tetiba aku cakap pasal B

you know what, just now my fiance hinted how everyone i.e. my readers agree on him that he corrects on english. dia cakap, tengok semua orang pun betulkan their other half english. sabar jela. i am an emotional wreck too, my aunty M is in town and my fiance is fully aware of the symptoms. haha

That's so Jaja said...

paling tak tahan dgn his constant swearing...esp time driving and esp becos i don't swear! err...ape lagi ek? i love to watch movies but he hates it....b4 kawen dia masih berkompromi but after that tidak lagi. and his obsessive to tidiness & cleanliness...mcm monica green + mr monk all at once. tak tipu! one time he even ask me to remove my makeup before lying on the sofa...takut leather sofa stain! duhh! tp nasib baik die rajin mengemas, buat laundry, cuci toilet etc etc...hahahah.....

miralatiff said...

my husband memang paling tunggu kalau I ade tersalah sebut word mase bercakap dengan dia..the other day I accidentally tersebut Grey's autonomy instead of Grey's Anatomy..You know what, until these days kalau dia jumpa anything with word anatomy on it, mesti dia nak tease I..I find it soooooo annoying..kekadang malas nak layan 'teasing' die, I just ignore jer la..