My fiance is so sweet that I swear my teeth will rot


First thing first. I can't stress enough how un-romantic my fiance is. The first couple of years that we are together, I always wonder why he didn't give me any flowers let alone shower me with gifts. But I accept him the way he is, despite the annoying correct-my-English-every-freaking-time habit. I guess I'll have to live with that since I got no other (better) option. He he he.

Ampun sayang ampun.

He was having some family time today, so we didn't get to hang out. His Atuk was visiting so I let the boy hang out and spend quality time with his beloved Atuk. You know, grandson-grandpa bonding time. Besides, his Atuk was going to cook delicious food for them and H was determined to learn the recipe from him. I am fine with it. At least the man can cook (for me later). HA HA HA.

So I was bored to death and all the dramas in Gossip Girl Season 2 didn't help at all. I thought that Season 2 would be better but boy was I wrong. And I also thought that Nathanial "Nate" Archibald would by now knows how to properly comb his hair but I guess I was wrong too. And what's up the whole on-off Serena-Dan thingy? My fiance and I did the whole on-off drama too, but you gotta make up your mind! You cannot be all lovey-dovey for 3 episodes and have the awkward conversation about your true feeling 5 episodes later. Geez weez, gimme a break.

So drama.

*Eyes rolling cue*

Ok, from my fiance is sweet to Gossip Girl. I wandered too much. Please forgive me.

Where was I? Yes, my plan to have dinner tonight with him failed because I forgot that H is having his ritual weekly badminton games every Saturday. But he did the sweetest thing...........................

He delivered me dinner, complete with drinks and dessert!

I know this may not be the sweetest thing your bf/fiance has ever done to you but to me it is! A girl needs a romantic gesture once a while and I am pathetic like that, so hold your laugh please.

Ok, the dinner was actually food he cooked with his Atuk. Nasi kacang kuda, kuzi ayam and acar. And the dessert was bubur caca (my favourite!) and carrot susu that he claimed he made it himself, which actually turned out to be so not true.

Siap dengan straw dan ikat tali, ko ingat aku nak percaya?


So tell me, what the sweetest thing that your boyfriend, fiance or husband has ever done to you?
Do share as I'd love to know!

(I am eating the dinner that he brought as I am typing this away while listening to Carla Bruni's rendition of You Belong To Me, hence the cheesiness? Heh.)


NahWaL said...

ok tiba tiba rasa all girly2 ok kau kasi soalan ni. lets see, ada a few since aku kenal encik itu. once, my birthday fell on a monday so dia takleh celeb sekali ngan aku. so aku ahad tu aku gi concert youth dengan member. dia call and nak cakap dengan kawan aku sebab nak tau betol ke tak atau aku tipu. sabau je la.

balik dari concert dah 11 pm kat lrt, parking kat situ. and then sekor sekor kawan aku nak gi toilet, so aku tunggu kat situ sorang2 ok sementara diorang gi toilet. dah macam 10 minutes aku sorang sorang kat lrt, malam ok!! ko leh bayangkan ketakotkan aku. aku dah seram. then ada orang hon naik keta kembara. man! tengok2 orang botak! aku hentak kaki ok aku kata tipu tipu!!! haha

he came all the way to suprise me on my birthday. we had a late supper, and then esoknya breakfast, and dia balik pagi pagi. awwwww, i couldnt ask for more. dalam keta pon speechless. huhu. upenya berkomplot ngan kawan aku.

sara said...
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sara said...

hmm..laki aku pon tak romantik cam laki ko gak moose.hehe. nak cakap iluvyou pon susah..berapa kali je aku dengar neh tapi ada la a few things gak yg dia wat comey gitew.

paling aku rasa sweet, masa bp aku naik tinggi gila last year..time tu aku dah lembik dah, nk jalan pon takleh,siap muntah2 semua..he came to the house to check on me..siap bwk a single rose! sempat lak dia singgah beli..terharu aku..time sakit tu tak terharu la..time sakit tu tak ingat aper dah..tapi bila dah ok tu baru la rasa.hehe.

roses 1 dozen aku dpt time bday pon takleh lawan yg ni.

sumpit said...

awwwwwwwwwww, sweetnye.

my bf? hmmm, maybe time dia belek tapak kaki aku sbb terpijak sepihan botol kicap kipas udang yang dia dropped smpai pecah kot, ke tu sweet out of guilt...

well, probably not the sweetest guy around, but come to think of it, he's sweet when it comes to the small things, like helping me in the kitchen (although he always steals my chopped onions), washing the dishes 'cause my fingers are sensitive to certain detergents or buying spices, kicap, gamat, women toiletries and whatnot when he came to visit, because i told him to...

ntah, x sweet sgt la, tp kalu memujuk, bersungguh2 gak la, nak merajuk lama2 pon tak sampai hati hehehehehe...

oh, getting surprise gifts is always nice too (walopon dah warning nak bg present 3 months prior to tht, laki ni sungguh tak paham maksud surprise)...

ZARA said...

well... since u asked...

he is the romantic kinda guy. but he rarely says 'I love u'.

but there's this one time. I was not feeling well. Some of u may know that I live alone with cats, so cats cannot feed u.

Called him to bring me bubur mcd, 100 plus and some panadol. instead. he came with ntah apa ntah.

rupanya dia nak masak bubur for me. bubur ayam and sup ketam he said. pastu dah siap masak dia suapkan...

he said get well and 'I love u' aku terharu sampai nangis2... hahaha... time demam kan mata cam panas berair je... so memang senang gile lah air mata nak meleleh.

then dia pi office sambung keje. habis keje datang lagi buat dinner pulak. siap call kan mak aku suruh datang. macam aku ni nak mati pulak.

anyway. aku ni mmg demam setahun sekali but kalau demam memang rupa cam nak mati. so that's the most romantic thing he ever done to me...

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hmppp..lets see

1) Take the day off on my birthday every year
2) Drove all the way from Tronoh at 3 am in the morning so that he could meet me on time the next day
3) Always stare at me everytime I go shopping. He said I'm the cutest when I get excited over 50%,70% sales. LOL.

And the most romantic thing he has ever done was when he unexpectedly proposed me in the jewellery store in front of all the SAs and bought me the ring I've always dreamed of. To which I cried like a small kid =)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Oh lupe nak add. He's so generous with 'I love you'.

I always get that. Like every phone call with him. Day, night.


amElyn said...

hi dear!!
i just found ur blog.
u r getting married eh?? so feel free dropping by and share some info n tips about wedding preparation k.
i link u btw~

zara : hey, we have the same situation! my fiance is soo not romantic.. tapi bila kena angin romantik dia datang, OMG rasa nak kiss puas2! =P

the story is like, i was demam masa kt utm dulu..so we cant go lunch together. da la time tu tengah merajuk, then suddenly my friend (bilik sebelah) datang with a bubur McD. rupanya my fiance call her to pass me the bubur..pastu terus makan dengan rakusnya so that baik dari demam n boleh gi dating cepat2! hehee..

so moral of the story?? they are made for us..no matter how incomplete they are..as long they love us.kan? =)

xanaraixanne said...

aww that is so sweet:)
i've an UD(undeclared)
he did many sweet things to me,such as pushing me on wheelchair since i barely move after breaking my left leg last year,dude he was pushing me on wchair at the mall on our first hanging out time,n that time,too,he was being d 1st person to wish me hpy becoming bufday for it was 10 days b4 my real bday,im so honoured,
he was so sweet though he never couple wif anybody,he,also has being d very good person in givin me advices chiefly bout those islamic things 4 he deliver it in very nice way in order to not offend me,i really appreciate him :)

babe,im glad if u cn feel free to dash of my blog,feed n follow,i just started blogging,ur entries are sweet n nice :) thanxx

Moose said...

Awwwwwww. you guys' bfs/fiances are so sweet!!!

omg, so sweet.haha.gile hebat nak surprise macam tu sekali.

haha. nasib la kita laki tak romantik. tapi he's so generous with i love you! i get it from every phone calls. hihi

i think one of the sweetest thing a man can do for their other half is buying women toiletries. like seriously! macam sweet je aku rasa beli pad semua tu. haha

Moose said...

best gile ok masa demam bf siap tolong masakkan and suap bubur lagi!!

you proposal story was exactly like the movie sweet home alabama. kalau bf i propose i macam tu, i cry like a baby!!! my fiance is so generous with i love you too. :)

ok, i'll drop by at your blog. thanks for linking me! you share a story with zara! terharu sangat kalau kita sakit lepas tu ada orang jaga. gila terharu. haha

Moose said...

hi there!alahai comelnya the fact that he pushed your wheelchair around. i can't think of any other cliche word than sweet.

after i read all of your stories, it can be concluded that men are indeed capable of doing such sweet things to the person they love...kan?

NahWaL said...

haha kekadang je. lain masa dia macam lain macam sikit. HAHA

shueyshoelove said...

Comel pls tunang u!! One of the sweetest thing ever he had done for me is surprising me with bunga api last year. Comel gile. Hehe. :)

Cieri said...

He isnt romantic at all.jangan harap dia nak bagi bunga and even proposal pun biasa2 aja.
But he did came to Japan and literally drained his bank account just to celebrate my 24th birthday.
He did stayed with me watching some Hello Kitty`s performance at Universal Studio Of Japan and even rushed me towards Hello Kitty big figurines to take my pictures.

amElyn said...

hihi.terharu?? sangatt!
dah kawen nanti bole jaga sama2 keyh!