A Woman's Madness For Shoes

I am Christian Louboutin's biggest fan. I love ALL of his shoes and I really mean ALL. The towering sky-high and red-lacquer sole heels are so hard to resist. The classic hidden platform design. So sexy! I don't know about you but for me I mean, who could right? To resist a Louboutin's is like denying one's need to be a mother, or at least something equivalent. I know I make such a bad example here.

To have a pair of Louboutin's as my wedding shoes would be so unrealistic. I mean, it's not like I'm earning 5-figure salary here, maybe not just yet. But till the day comes, I'll look for a close resemblance to satisfy my cravings.

I was doing some shoes snooping the other day and to my joy, I have found a pair of shoes that resembles both Louboutin in the above pictures! It is perfect, got blings but tasteful. Nothing tacky that screams jinjang or anything. I was literally jumping out of my skin to the thought that the search for the perfect wedding shoes has ended. But to my horror, the only available size is 36 or 4! How can I fit when I wear size 38-39!

I was heart-broken but I was determined to have it that I even asked the SA to check with their Singapore HQ if they (still) have it in my size. The SA looked at me as if I was asking for a meteorite souvenir from the moon. Well, do not underestimate the length that a woman would do for shoes! He looked at my hopeful eyes and said no and like a little girl who didn't get her candy, I gave up and scuffed away. I gave a sad look at the shoes and softly said;

"Sorry darling, mommy's feet are too big for you."

Not unless I cut it off..........

(Now that's a thought...)


So if you're size 36 and still haven't found your wedding shoes yet, please head to Robinsons at The Gardens. May the shoes be owned by someone since I can't have it because I have big feet that can't possible fit into size 36!

UPDATE: The shoe is priced at RM209 with 20% discount at Robinsons, The Gardens


NahWaL said...

prize please. AHA

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Size 4??? Ella yang kecik tu pun pakai size 5.

Moose said...

dah update dengan price!

my mom cakap sheila majid pakai size 3!!

NahWaL said...

price before or after? ceh macam nak jual beli . how did the appointment go?

miralatiff said...

I pakai size 40!..memang susah sangat nak carik kasut..sometimes dah jumpe kasut idaman kalbu then suddenly takde size plak..yang tinggal size yang kecik2 jer untuk mereka2 yang berkaki comel kecik..benci betol..

Moose said...

tu price before less

altho my size is 6, tapi still susah nak dapat kasut cantik2 sebab banyak orang saiz 6! kalau sale lagi la, jangan harap the store still have it in my size. sakit hati je.