Premiere Screening

Hola Darlings!

Work is mundane. Wedding progress is mundane. Heck, even I am mundane. Nothing exciting is happening lately. I feel like I was running my life on an auto-pilot mode, like the movie Click. It's the same old same old routine every day.

On Monday (23.7.2010), Fiance and I attended the premiere screening of the movie Salt, courtesy of Nuffnang! Remember the entry of "What If I Am A Russian Spy" that I wrote few weeks back? Ehem, apparently mine was among the 75 best written entry and that chicas, qualified me 2 (free) tickets to the premiere screening!

Woot woot.

Even I was surprised when I received the invitation via e-mail from Nuffnang. Like my crappy English got me an invite to premiere screening. Like wow. Beat that Fiance!


It was an OK movie. Lots of kick ass stunts and actions. The plot was simple and straight forward but with little twist towards the end. Like any typical spy movie. Actually it's quite nice to watch an action-packed spy movie with female as its main character. I mean, how many movie featuring female spies are there? It's so rare for female to be a spy. So the feminist in me, jumping with glee at the thought of Jolie (finally) acting as a female spy. If I were a Russian spy, I want a hot body exactly like Angelina Jolie. With pouty thick lips and sharp facial features. She is stunning. In fact, I was gaped with admiration.


Inception beats SALT, 1000 times over. I guess after watching such amazing movie like Inception, nothing is comparable to it.


reena said...

Kalau nak compare dengan Bourne (cerita spy harus compare dengan cerita spy), i like Bourne 100 juta kali ganda than Salt. Salt just ok je la. And not much real action yg kebabom to me..

NahWaL said...

argh aku tak dapat2 lagi tengok. haritu nak tengok kat jb tapi tiket habis. menci.

patot aku masok contest tu. ceh. dapat top 90 dapat tak tiket?ngeeee.....pas ni for sure moose buat lagi kan. pastu dapat jadi movie critique hihi

miralatiff said...

Moose..I dah agak you mesti menang nyer!Congratulations!

Azli Razali said...

jom komen

Azli Razali said...

jom komen

mysarah said...

Salt best. tapi is it inception lebih best? oh sangat rugi tak tengok! T___T

Moose said...

i cam ingat2 lupa cita bourne tu so i can't really compare but i vaguely remember that i was blown away by bourne identity!

iyo la tu movie critic... orang kritik panjang2 aku kritik - ok, best, so-so only. haha

i pun tak agak menang ok. saje2 je join

Moose said...


inception memang best tapi movie tu genre lain.