Price of RON95 to hike up another 5 cent

This is absurd. The Government decided to hike up the fuel price of RON95 to another 5 cent and sugar for another 25 cent as part of the gradual subsidy rationalization program effective tomorrow. Yeah, right. So much for rationalization of the subsidy. Here's a rational thought, why don't you cut off let's say, 5-10% of the ministers' allowance and we'll see how much money that the government can already save. How about that, huh?

Of course the ministers won't give much fuss about all the fuel price hike up. They didn't have to pay anything for it! Everything is included in their so-called allowance, while we the commoners suffer.

I have my own say about the political situation is Malaysia and it ain't good. Fear of getting caught for saying unpleasant things and being locked up in ISA, I shall keep my mouth shut.

All these while I have been nothing but ignorant when it comes to politics and my political sense in Malaysia. I will not take side nor I ever will. Not until I believe and see that our own politician start behaving like a rational adult or have the slightest idea what they're saying and manifesting.

Until the day comes, I will steer clear away.


My fiance is going to participate in his company's annual 10km marathon run this Sunday! Although the details about the venue and the event itself is a little vague to me (as my fiance didn't provide much information), I am nevertheless supportive of him! Seriously, had I known of this event in details earlier, I would love to join in the fun and challenge myself. The last time I had run this far was during the school's cross country when I was 17! It was 10 years back. Now I am depressed, I am freaking dinosaur. Mind you, at the finishing line, I was the number 33 out of all Form 4 and 5 girls.

This chica can run, bitches!

Now, the only place I run is on the treadmill while watching some MTV video clips on the big flat screen at the gym while panting heavily.

I need some challenging activities in my life. You know, to get and feel the adrenaline rush again. To inject some senses back to life. To give a jerk into yourself that life isn't dull and that life is too short to waste.

Maybe it's time to look at the bungee jumping and sky-diving brochure again..


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

To be honest, I am not a big fan of the current government. And I thought the opposition could do better but now I think government and opposition alike, they are both the same. They don't really have people's interest at heart. If they want to take away the subsidies, please raise our workforce salary to match with the increase in all the items.

Do you know that labour cost is considered dirt cheap in Malaysia? Even in oil and gas business, we are left behind by even our counterparts in Africa. How sad.

I loathe the government and the opposition circus today. They do nothing.

How I wish we can have Tun M's back in the game.

Moose said...

exactly my sentiment! both the current government and opposition are the same actually. and i totally agree on the salary part. the living expenses in malaysia namely Klang valley is ridiculously high!

you need a monthly salary of at least RM3500 to live comfortably if you're single! i cannot imagine those families with income lower than that.

i also hate that politicians can come up with lots of ridiculous ideas and not concentrate on the core and more important issues. the last time i read, one of the minister is rooting Malaysia as the world cup organizer? that is so preposterous!

but my fiance thinks that najib is trying his best to change whatever he can. well, let's just see if he's correct about this.