Dessert Buffet

I am always fascinated by the idea of small, budgeted, DIY and whimsical wedding reception. I feel that it is more my "kind" of wedding as opposed to the grand, protocol-laden and hotel reception. I have no particular theme in mind for my wedding other than (I can't stress enough on this), it has to be casual, fun and most importantly something that reflects ME! As I was browsing through pages and pages of Snippet & Ink - my favourite nuptial blog, especially this wedding of Jenny & Kyle where they challenged their guests for a bake off instead of having a wedding cake, light bulb magically appears on my head.

Picture from Snippet & Ink

Let me introduce you a little bit of my maternal family. My mom is the 6th child of her family of 10 siblings. Huge family, I know right? Being in such a huge family is definitely a bless if your aunts and uncle are blessed with cooking and baking talents. I know for the fact that mom's sister is such a great cook. She can whip a complete meal of lunch in a mere 30 minutes. Such a superwoman, she is. My another aunt is a good baker and she has her own baking business at home, where she takes orders on Kek Lapis Sarawak and the likes for every Raya. Another aunt makes extra income from selling local kuihs daily, and they are good because by 5pm all the kuihs are sold out! Another aunt makes brownies that is too die for! It's chewy, not too sweet and chocolate-y, just the way I like it!

One cousin on my paternal family makes the sinfully delicious 3-minutes-no-bake chocolate cake! I went back home during last Eid Adha to celebrate it with my family and got my first taste of her cake. Sufficient to say, all the calories that I burnt during my gym sessions, I gained it triple during that Raya Haji. And if it's not bad enough, I am now fasting and at the same time salivating for the taste of cake inside my mouth! The moist dark brown chocolate cake with chocolate ganache on top. Heaven!

And it would be only inappropriate if I had not exploit their talents, am I right? Ngeeeeee.

This is merely a suggestion, but I think I will propose to mom later. Since we're gonna have the food catered and all, this will be an only way for them to at least contribute to my wedding (provided that they want to). With such talents (and mouth-watering desserts), who needs a candy buffet? And perhaps, who needs a wedding cake?

p/s: Orang cakap berangan itu indah tapi realiti tak indah. Baking oven mak aku dahla kecik je, mana muat dan sempat nak buat segala kek dan desserts yang sedap ni! Omak, sila beli oven baru!


shueyshoelove said...

mat salleh's wedding is the best!! If only we have a lil of both world? of course tolak tepi the seksi meksi lah. love the fact that their wedding is super laid back! =)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Argh.. Those cupcakes look really good right now. Tea time!!

Moose said...

i love mat salleh's wedding because only the people that matters to us je yang datang..tak payah nak layan kerenah2 orang yang tak kenal ni..

those cupcakes are so tempting!

kay kamal said...

if u ganti ngn choc fountain? takyah bake2..lol