Being the Type A person that I am, I have made a series of checklist for everything that is wedding related. Apart from the usual nikah, reception, vendor checklists, I've added one checklist into my lists. One thing that I think some of bride-to-be might have missed out and neglect.

The grooming checklist.

Now we all agree that the bride is the center of or main attraction, correct? No matter how dashing and handsome the groom will look, he is merely an added accessories to the bride. Of course, you wouldn't wanna risk the chance of him stealing the limelight from you, now would you?

(Matilah lepas ni kena bashing dengan tunang sendiri)

The grooming checklist is important because a RM 5,000 designer dress will look cheap if you the bride didn't look good. Make-up can only cover the outer imperfection on your face. But how about your teeth? Your breath? Your unibrow and upper lips hair? Your nails?

And let's not be prude here, we are all big girls and big enough to handle this. During the night, where you might or might not be spending the night with your newly wedded husband. Do you want him to scream his lungs out seeing you in sexy lingerie with unruly and untamed "down there" hair? I'd die of shame if my husband reacts that way.

  1. Unless you have a perfect porcelain skin, start taking (extra) care of your skin be it face, arms, legs or whatever as long as the skin is intact with your body. Take supplement. Vitamin C is good to start with. Ask the pharmacist. They can guide you. If you have extra money (to waste) take Vitamin C jab. A friend of mine did it and man, her skin looks beautiful....................for 2 weeks, until her next jab, that is. Personally I wouldn't recommend it. I prefer supplement over injection. Needles make me nervous.

  2. Do facial. But not when it's near to your wedding day as a first timer may experience a slight irritation or redness or little bumps. I know that a facial may and can cause a hole in your pocket but if you can spend thousands of ringgit on your dress, you might wanna spend a little on your face. After all, people will look at your face not your dress.

  3. Get and be fit. It's not all about looking good. It's about feeling good (inside) as well. Spanx and corsets may come handy and an easy solution to camouflage the extra fats but trust me, a little effort of cutting down your eating portion and exercise goes a long way.

  4. Get enough sleep and rest. Delegate the works to your families and friends. That's what they're for. HAHA. Gila kerahan tenaga.

  5. Do professional teeth cleaning or scaling. If money is not an issue go for professional teeth whitening. No one want to see the bride's stained teeth.

  6. Closer to the date, avoid eating food that can stink your breath. Like petai and jering for example. Your mom's sambal petai udang may be the yummiest in the world but bear it for a while. Kang ada yang pengsan lite-lite masa salam kiss kiss tu.

  7. Go for manicure and pedicure. Nothing beats the perfectly manicured nails. Kot ada yang jenis suka gigit kuku tu, takde la kuku pendek kontot bergerigi je rupa dia. Tak ke buruk rupa nak salam dengan tetamu?

  8. Waxing (legs, upper lips or whatever that is hairy and you wanna get rid of). If you dare, go Brazilian. It's a must for me. I can stand the pain as my pain threshold is quite high. What I can't stand is the humiliation and shame. Though my friend assures me that the waxer was quick and there's no even enough time to get and be ashamed of but I still am! How? Must.do.before.get.married.

  9. Go for a spa. Constant massage and scrubbing do wonders to your skin. I am sure your husband will appreciate the baby smooth skin later. Takde la kulit berkerak je dik oi.

  10. Hair treatment. Even if you're wearing tudung. Nak ke bukak tudung lepas habis majlis rambut ko mengerbang macam Cik Pon?

These are all that I could think of right now. Feel free to add anytime. After all, sharing is caring.


cik yaya said...

suka nya aku entry ni!need to have me-time especially on skin and hair
dan minum lah air sebanyak mungkin!

Amalina said...

moose, cik pon yg aku tgk kat movie sume rambut chantik2 ok..especially dlm twilight ..er one sec..vampire, pontianak kire same la kan :D

like this entry!

Moose said...

"like" cam kat FB. haha. yes! skin care is very important. MUA hebat pun kalau kulit tak cantik jerawat sana sini pun tak guna. jadi marilah kita sama2 minum air banyak2 kasi kulit cantik!

rambut cik pon tu die rebonding dulu. hahahaha.

gadis jumaat said...

ai laikkkk dis entri! tengah minum air sebanyak 3 liter jugak sehari ni, utk fit dan untuk cantek! lesss doi ttt~~

Adda Shariff said...

great listings! tq moose! definitely will update my checklist! tp yg aku duk buat un-religiously tu pon adalah mengempiskan rambut yg ala2 singa tu...harharhar (gelak sedih rambut ngerbang)

Xora said...

Moose! bagus kuarkan list ni! so far, no 1, 2, 3, 4 dah buat. yg lain2 dalam proses.! boleh claim dental jadi harus la buat kan!

si kecil said...

haa..bagusnya entry ni. 5 bintang! nak paksa tunang pegi gym. nanti perut dia lindung saya..xleh jadi ni..rugi hired photographer.

missbutterfly said...

aku setuju..mcmana beautiful ur dress/ ur makeup tp yg dlm2 tu erk!!!mesti fail kan? aku baru sign up buat treatment buang bulu ketiak for 6sesh..cause a BIG hole in my pocket..

miralatiff said...

Very informative long list..I like!!

Tp betul la most of women macam ignore semua rambut yang terlindung tu..You penah buat waxing for 'down there' hair ker? I part tu still wax-virgin lagi..If dah buat sile share ur experience please..

Moose said...

gadis jumaat;
hari ni hari jumaat. eh tetibe. 3 liter tu..banyak siot..tak kembung perut ke?

rambut cam singa takpe, boleh buat rebonding. jangan muka cam singa. harharhar

syabas bette! teruskan usaha complete list sampai habis.

Moose said...

si kecil:
get fit bukan hanya untuk kawin. get fit even untuk life after kawin. marilah amalan gaya hidup sihat

*angkat ibu jari*

miss butterfly:
gile gigih ko pegi laser/IPL treatment segala. mak takde duit uols nak buat laser. mak hanya mampu DIY waxing di rumah feeling2 buat kat spa. haha. motif cakap ponen?

my pet peeves is body hair. haha. seriously i get obsessed about getting rid of those hair tapi belum pernah buat brazillian lagi. malu ok malu. tidak tahan menanggung kemaluan. nanti bila dah tak (tau) malu nak buat, i buat entry

missbutterfly said...

tu la lps byr tu rs mcm miskin giler..sbb aku pun berbulu gak.hahaha..kwn aku ckp aku ni anak gorillaz.jahat kan?

bride2wife said...

n not to forget moose...our inner beau...it's part of 'grooming' jugak kan..kan?

sape2 yg hot tempered tu, kurang2 kan sikit..
yg tak suka senyum tu, byk2kan senyum...
don't think bad about people..
make everybody happy...
and most importantly always be positive..

i'm sure u girls will be the most beautiful bride ever!! :)

kay kamal said...

ouh moose, mmg sgt2 teringin nk g all those pamperings tapi the time (and money ) constraint..


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I love this post!! Thank you for the tips! :D

Hehe. Banyak rupanya nak kena prepare sebelum kawen, all these small but nontheless important details!

Moose said...

miss butterfly:
jahat gile kawan ko weh. slambe cakap gorilla. muahaha

yes true! i read somewhere, banyakkan selawat, bersihkan hati dari nak menunjuk2, riak semua tu. redha dgn segala apa yang dah diusaha. insya Allah terpancar2 seri pengantin. wah terpancar2...ayat tak bleh blah.

money and time constraint tu memang ada, tapi sediakanlah time. takde 2 jam, 30min pun jadi. tak mampu pergi tiap2 bulan spa, 1-2kali before wedding tu jadilah. i pun takdenye nak pergi selalu2, 1-2kali cukuplah untuk merasa.

yes, all the small but crucial details!