I might be the last person (on the earth) to blog about the movie Inception. Only got the chance to watch the movie last Friday. I only have one word to describe the whole movie.


Ok, mind blowing is hyphenated word but regardless.

I am lost for adjective to describe it. It was disturbing (but in a good way), genius, mind boggling etc. etc. It's definitely my kind of movie. You know, where you worked your brains out trying to solve the puzzle and talked about the whole plot later with your movie date. Yeah, I love that kind of movie.

I have to admit that I am bit blur blur sotong (my fave phrase of the moment) when Cobb (Leo DiCaprio) explains about the architecture, subject thingy to Ariadne (Ellen Page) and I can't really follow what the hell is he talking about but it was interesting nevertheless. I gaped with awe for the whole 2 hours. Christian Nolan is freaking........


I am now itching to watch it again for the second time, alone. You know, just to watch it closely and see if I had missed out any small details that leads to the summary of the ending. But personally, I think the interpretation of the ending sums up what kind of a person you are. If you are an optimistic, then the ending is reality. But if you are a pessimistic, then Cobb is still in limbo. I can't make up what kind of person that I am so I am choosing both. Part of me believe that he's finally home meeting his children but another part of me thinks that he's still dreaming.

Why? Because the kids are wearing the same clothes as in his memories! That is why. My friend who is an optimistic believe that the kids got no other clothes and it was coincident that they wore the same clothes as when he was about to leave them. True optimistic she is, really.

So, what's is your take?


Amalina said...

he's still dreaming of course!..kan totem tu berpusing2 tak jatuh kan:D

i love this movie too..quite heavy i must say as i had headache and straight away went to bed after watching it..but seriously..this movie is super duper dem good!

Moose said...

still dreaming ke? tapi the screen is cut off masa the gasing tu wobbly which indicates that it's about to stop. tu ape yang aku sempat tgk la. tunang aku believe leo is back in reality which i initially too believe. tapi tang baju anak2 dia tu buat aku cam confuse!

ish, tak jadi keja pikir pasal ending inception ni.

reena said...

Nak tau, tanya Nolan sendiri. Haha.

Honestly, lepas 3 kali tengok and Google, i give up. Lantaklah he's still dreaming ke, reality ke hape. Janji dia tengok muka anak dia.

Tapi my instinct cakap, Cobb's father, the professor is part of the 'conspiracy'.

Moose said...

betul! there's no indefinite ending to this movie. like i said up to your interpretation kan.. wow, this is getting more exciting. sometimes kan i think what kind of person you are determine the ending. cam ala2 psychological studies la gitu. eh memandai-mandai je aku ni. HAHA

"conspiracy" apakah itu reena?

Sya Sakura said...

watched the movie last few days kot, though i've heard some reviews saying that the movie was 'too deep'. But to me, it was totally worth it, coz it's mind challenging.

About the ending tu, both me and my date concluded that mmg dia still tgh dreaming, coz totem tu tak jatuh pon and coz anak2 dia pakai baju sama je, and are doing the same thing (main kat luar tu) exactly like what he'd pictured in his mind throughout the movie.

But nevertheless, the movie was awesome! Kan? :)

reena said...

Some said that Cobb yang kena inception sebenarnya dan tu adalah keja bapak dia. Emm..I don't know.

Nak kata dia in reality pun boleh sebab masa ending tu dia tak pakai cincin (Hint: Pakai cincin = in his dream. Tak pakai cincin = reality)

Nak kata mimpi pun boleh dan semua watak kat airport adalah projection dia.

Tak leh nak pikiaq dah movie ni. Pecah kepala otak.

Amalina said...

intrigue with ur question, i tried to find some answers here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1375666/faq#.2.1.21

then terus pening kepala..hahahha

idayusof said...

haaaaa. x tgk lagi. this week mesti mau pegi. *see, acik lagi lambat dr kamu*

Moose said...

kesimpulannya ending inception sangat pening. HAHA.

Amalina, aku bace link yg ko kasi tu..makin tambah pening sebab dia tak conclude what is the "real" ending. pandai2 sendiri la kan nak tafsir.

sumpit said...

aku tak leh baca comment banyak2. Korg bagi byk sgt spoiler.

Tapi aku dah lama teringin nak tgk, but alas, aku kena tunggu kuar bootleg copy, baru bole download sbb kat kino kat kampung erlangen ni sume in deutsch, sedihnya....