Bride-To-Be Urban Legend

Ever heard about the bride-to-be urban legend?

*X-Files music in background*

Yes, you heard me right. The urban legend says that as the date is getting nearer, so is the nightmares.

Don't believe in hocus-pocus?

Neither was I back then. Now, with about 39 days left, the nightmare has becoming more and more frequent. It's like episodes of A Nightmare On The Elm Street Aisle y'all and it keeps hunting and haunting you.

Wow, 39 days. Can you believe it? Don't answer, it's a rhetorical question.


Nightmare #1:

I woke up on the day that supposedly my wedding day. But I didn't woke up in my parents home but instead at my grandparents' home in Sarawak. Then my MUA called saying that he's already arrived but found out that no one's home. Of course no one is around. Everybody is at grandparents' home! Panicked because I was supposed to nikah at my parents home in Perlis. How do I ended up in Sarawak? Before I get to do anything, I woke up.

Nightmare #2:

Found out that on the wedding day itself, no one ordered the wedding cake.

Nightmare #3:

It's the wedding day but no guests showed up. Apparently I forgot to send out the invitation cards.

(This is after the cousin bailing out on me incident)

Nightmare #4:

H's baju nikah is not the same as mine. He wore a green baju Melayu whilst I had white on. The weird thing is, our nikah attire is neither white nor green. Where the colour comes from I also don't know. And yes, I dream in colours. Because I am awesome like that.

HAHA. Lempang please?

So, have you had any dreams lately?

Mimpi Rob Pattinson jadi husband tak kira la weh...


thezaila said...

moose.. bangun moose..jangan tido!!! hahah..

reena said...

Ye ke? Baru tau. Mainan perasaan je tu kot..

Zariza said...

Moose : sama la za pun..39 hari lg..ari tu mimpi bgn2 tido ari nikah..tp sume menda x siap lagi..cuak gile

Moose said...

klo tak tido nanti tak cantik. camno? haha

actually there's no such thing as b2b urban legend. i saje je exaggerate. haha. tapi nightmares tu betul la. lately banyak mimpi plak

walaupun mimpi je, tapi cuak jugak la kan?

missbutterfly said...

weh..btl la..aku mimpi MUA mekap tak santek..aku komen2 lps tu dia sapu and re-makeup..gilo.

Freak said...

haha,sampai camtu skali mimpi

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hahahaha. The dreams are so funny!

Moose said...

nasib baik mimpi tk jadi kenyataan. huhu. u looked gorgeous!

biasa la drama queen. it runs in the family ape. *jeling*

no it's not! they made me freaked out even more

najikhin86 said...

kak mus.. sy penah mimpi nitemare 1week b4 my akad nikah..

well akad nikah sy pukul 9pagi gitu.. tp dalam mimpi tu sy mimpi bgn tidur pukul 8pagi!! kat labu pulak tuh! dari labu ke subang dah sejam drive.. omg!! pastu tk igt ape yg tjd dalam mimpi tu..

last2 sy ambil keputusan drastik ajak mak sy tidur kat rumah pakcik sy kat usj1 malam b4 nikah tu.. so klu kat sane bgn pukul8 pg pun takpe still sempat sampai kat umah wife kol 9pg.. hehe..

btw semoga selamat sumenye ye! :)

mousi said...

omg I had the same dreams as urs yg part baju xsama color tu.. byk lagi lah! LOL..

yg tetamu xdtg pon sama! haha

one more, I dah nk nikah tp xmekap2 lagi..

nwys, yayyy finally it's all over!