Dilemma: K vs. H

I am in a dilemma. A huge one for more dramatic effect.

I do not know which spa to go.

Lempang please? HAHAHA.

Ok ok, no more drama and back to serious mode. I have about 16 days to go and like every bride, I wanna look glowing on my day. I had done my routine (well, not exactly) facial last week and planning on going to the spa some time next week before the big day. I booked and confirmed my session with Kuku Bar last week for a session of pedicure and manicure on the 19th. Now, I am left with a spa session before I finally become a Mrs.

The things is, I am not so much of a massage person. I am very ticklish. Try to massage my neck and I'll squirm, scream and punch you in the face, maybe not exactly punch but you know the consequences. The only thing that I am looking forward during a spa session is the body scrubbing process.

So back to the dilemma, I read in Plus Size Kitten that Hammam Spa in Bangsar is having their Christmas promotion! It's RM268 for a 2 hours session of:

  • Hammam & Gommage
  • Lavender Rhassoul (Body Mask) or Hot Stone Foot Rub (20mins)
  • 60mins Body Massage using Jasmine oil

I have always wanted to go there ever since I've heard about them but their price is on the high side which is kinda always holding me back. But this promotion is good to be true because to experience the same treatment, one has to pay about RM315! So, it's a save of RM47 there. I so wanna experience the experience (for the lack of another word) of being bathed and scrubbed. With the wonderful reviews from those who had been there and done that, hatiku sungguh meronta-ronta ingin pergi.


But then I saw Heed's FB status last night about Khareyana Spa also having a promotion! I also heard many wonderful things about this particular spa, the wonderful treatment, the beautiful and breathtaking landscape, yadda yadda. The one that I am after has a total saving of RM50 and it's for their Balinese Sensual Range at only RM200 (NP: 250) for a 2 hours session. I am looking forward for the bali lulur and bali boreh treatment from its traditional Balinese body ritual as I need all the impurities and dead cells (aka daki, muahaha) to be gone. So, not so much for the massage thingy. When I look at the pictures of the setting, hatiku begitu meronta-ronta sekali ingin pergi jugak! HAHA. For RM200 Balinese Sensual Range (Traditional Balinese Body Ritual) 2 hours session of:
  • Balinese full body massage
  • Bali lulur
  • Bali boreh body mask

Banyak sungguh hatiku meronta-ronta. Mau kena ikat nafsu syaiton-nirrajim ini.

I wonder if anyone of you had been to both places. If yes, I need opinions on which one is worth going.

Chop chop! Time is running out. 16 days more people.


reena said...

Dua2 i tak pernah pi. Hihi.

Queen4ADay said...

i went to khareyana ^_^

Moose said...

ala, awat tak pernah pi! haha

so, is it any good? is the scrub actually buang all the daki and stuffs? sebab i pernah pegi serenity spa and honestly i didn't notice any much different to my skin pun lepas scrub tu.

bride2wife said...

HAMMAM. Full stop. Hehe..
I'm not a massage person myself, it's painful but not relaxing for me!.. But it's nice to do it once in awhile, I always remind them to do it gently.

Balinese spa? you can do it in Bali during your honeymoon what..lagi murah :)

ElyaElmo said...

2-2 tak nah gi...but tgk review ttg K...maybe i will go for K :)

Queen4ADay said...

based on my experience la kan..bile wat kt khareyana i can start telling diff between bdn bedaki n tak.damn serious!hehe..that's me la.i dono about hamam.neve been there=)

Queen Mummy said...

Yeay... I hope I can help cuz I've been to both ..many many times! :)
They are my 2 favourite spas actually but both for different reasons.

Hammam is cool because it is unlike any other spa that is either a balinese/thai concept. Hammam is very different. Good thing about the treatment there is their scrub. Confirm hilang every single bit of dead skin cuz u can actually see it when they scrub you. BUT, their massage sucks. Tak best! I normally go there just for the scrub.

Khareyana is nice and very best!
Massage is good, sedap, pressure is perfect and relaxing at the same time. Scrub is ok but the kind that you can do urself kinda thing..so I normally go to Khareyana for their massage. But I like their scrub (the smell) so I buy the scrub (at Parkson Pavilion they sell them) and do it myself at home - when I have the time.

Since it is ur first time..I suggest u try Hammam...since ure not into massage anyways pun.

Let me know how it goes k?

Good luck and have fun

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Yeah, agree with Tahirah. Since u pun nak pegi Bali kan? So, buat kat Bali pun ok. murah gitu!

gud luck then moose!

Moose said...

yes, you are correct. i also can have balinese massage,spa and all shiznitz during my honeymoon. haha, so hammam it is!

if you do, pls do a review, ok?

haha. somehow i've decided to go to hammam

queen mummy:
are zura the drama queen? gosh i was hoping you could give your 2 cents about this because you're the only person that i know, literally who has been to both places.

yes, true. since i am not so much into massage, the only thing that i am looking for is the scrub but if you are saying that the scrub in khareyana is the one that we can do ourselves, then there's no point of me going there for the scrub kan? so hammam it is! hehe

thanks for all the input! so, i'll make an appointment with hammam straight away and insya allah will do a review about it.

Queen Mummy said...

YEAY!!! Im so excited and happy for you - and a little jealous cuz I dont get time to go spa'ing anymore these days!

You can read my reviews on the spas here


Reen Tart Nenas said...

dear, follow ur first choice!

bitsANDpieces said...

moose nanti buat entry pasal hammam ye